My Arthritis Pain Bye Bye™ - A Solution for Rheumatoid Arthritis

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My Pain Bye Bye™ an all natural, body pain, arthritis, rheumatic, anti-inflammatory solution for all age groups

Say Bye Bye™ to your Arthritis pain

My Pain Bye Bye™ is a revolutionary new product that truly is the best solution for all types of body pain, especially rheumatoid arthritis with absolutely no side effects.

Here's a report that was recently co-authored by Dr. Dianne Mosher - a Calgary rheumatologist.

Arthritis has been called the invisible disease, but there's nothing imperceptible about its painful impact on patients' lives or the economic fallout for Canadian society.

A new report by the Arthritis Alliance of Canada says more than 4.6 million Canadians are affected by arthritis. And it calculates that the two major forms of the joint-destroying disease cost the Canadian economy a staggering $33 billion last year in health-care expenditures and lost productivity.

Mosher, a Calgary rheumatologist who co-authored the report, said the pain of both osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis can lead to a loss of mobility and an inability to perform everyday tasks most people take for granted.

"Certainly some of it is because the joints are affected that they would have difficulties walking, they'd have difficulties standing," she said, adding that chronic pain can disturb sleep and lead to fatigue and depression.

Yet despite the millions of people suffering and the economic repercussions, arthritis in all its myriad forms gets little attention compared with diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. That may be in part because those diseases are life-threatening, while arthritis for the most part threatens patients' quality of life.

"Our patients live in pain and often in silent pain, invisible pain, and it becomes obvious when they break down. They have to stop working or their husbands leave them. There are all sorts of impacts on life: people have to move house (because) they aren't able to go up and down stairs, they're not able to go to the toilet, they need other people to help them."

That's where My Pain Bye Bye™ comes in. My Pain Bye Bye™ is a topical oil that penetrates into your body and creates flexibility to your joints - and thereby relieving your pain - naturally. There are absolutely no side effects.

Golf enthusiast suffer from back pain caused due to the hunched-over putting stance. With My Pain Bye Bye™, you can enjoy golf every week.

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