"Susan Boyle, Andy Rooney, Steve Correll, Lucille Ball Teaching Us What It Means to Be Human" Join Dr. Carol Francis

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Talk Show Radio Host, Dr. Carol Francis, will challenge this era of the Goddess Beauty of size 00. She will challenge the traps of the Beauty Industry and Media Glamour that creates depression, eating disorders, body-image distortions, infidelity, relationship-shopping and loss of natural, healthy living. Psychologist Dr, Carol Francis hopes to create a new era when we celebrate the Beauty of Health and the Freedom of Genuine Living. Join her on Make Life Happen Radio Talk Show with Dr. Carol Francis

We must create a new era when we celebrate the Beauty of Health & shun the ingeunine and dangerous "Eye-Candy" of modern Beauty Industry and Media-Perfect Ill Models.

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Susan Boyle, Andy Rooney, Lucille Ball and other bigger-than-life iconic humans prove invaluable, helping others remember the value of being genuinely, naturally human. When Steve Correll portrays Michael on The Office, he speaks the minds of so many, confused and insecure yet with a rather unpleasant mirror to humans.

In contrast,Susan Boyle admits her flaws, her wishes and insecurities and then sings with the voice of an angel. TLC's Sunday special on Susan Boyle captured her frankness and also her radiance so honestly. Dr. Francis suggests, "The world celebrates Susan Boyle's perfectly real way of being herself in her story because people are looking for authenticity. Our troubled world has been too often exposed to facades in its leaders and icons. We are now seeking those who dare to be real, genuine, sincere."

Andy Rooney revealed the conundrum of daily life with a sardonic twist, a sarcastic slap against any strange human preoccupations. "Andy Rooney made all of us laugh at ourselves. No need to take ourselves too seriously," notes Dr. Carol Francis. 60 Minutes's Farewell Tribute to Andy Rooney salutes how he helped us.

Lucille Ball made viewers roll on the floor, exaggerating her awkwardness and desires that twistingly helped everyone enjoy her naturalness too.

Dr. Carol Francis explores in her radio show, November 17, 2011 at 8:00PM PCT, "The individuals help us value what is real. Can we face that there is danger in our allegiance to "eye-candy", love of the drop-dead gorgeous? Can we know those attitudes are contributing to ill-health, inferiority in our daughters, depression, break-ups in marriages over affairs? Can we be set free from superficial pre-occupations with the outward beauty which will ALWAYS fade? Will the baby-boomer generation finally protest placing beauty over health since they too are rejected now for their wrinkles, sags and grays?"

Dr. Carol Francis continues, "So can we now learn to return to the pleasures of being real, natural, genuine? Or will we remain as a culture stuck in the trap of the Beauty Industry, Model (unhealthy) perfectionistic "eye-candy" traps? Will we insist that we are inferior if we can not match the image of televisions stars? Can we create a new era of loving the beauty of health, the freedom of genuineness, and the warmth of naturalness."

Join Dr. Carol Francis by calling (626) 414-3510 from 8:00 to 9:00 PM (PCT in Los Angeles) for this program. Dr. Carol Francis encourages, "Speak your mind, share your heart and campaign for your right to be the healthy you."

Dr. Carol Francis for 32 years has been a Psychologist, Marriage Counselor, Child/Teen Therapist, Certified Fitness and Nutrition Counselor in the South Bay Area of Los Angeles and is qualified to address this issue on each level. One of her books, "If You Can't Stop Eating, Maybe You're Hungry: Reset Your Cravings" captures these sentiments as well.


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