The Scoop on Brand Copycats in the Fine Diamond Jewelry Industry, according to Avianne & Co Jewelers

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"If you don't know your jewelry, know your jeweler. Beware of imitators in the luxury goods industry." Avianne & Co Jewelers goes on the record to discuss copy cats and pretenders.

In the fine jewelry industry, it's easy for buyers to fall victim to false information provided by what would otherwise be known as a "reputable source." Each day, consumers browse the web and real world seeking specific products manufactured by brands they can trust and depend on. In today's fast paced blog-driven world, its easy to get caught up in the barrage of images, statements and advertising targeted towards users. Avianne & Co Jewelers, world renowned manufacturers of custom diamond jewelry, is just one example of the many brands affected by sites and people impersonating the real deal.

Having made a name in the jewelry industry as the premier source of unique and extravagant diamond jewelry, the jewelers of Avianne & Co have taken extra time and effort in solidifying their name and image. As such, many times the actual partners and employees are seen out and about in the media and industry events, representing the brand. "We feel that in order to maintain a personalized relationship with our diverse clientele base, we must be there for them when they do what they do. When your clients spend time with you in the real world, you develop a longstanding relationship that is not based around dollars and cents, but on a legitimate friendship/business relationship," says Joe Avianne, Founder of Avianne & Co Jewelers.

However, as the public grows aware of the real world and online presence of these individuals, so do brand imitators. It turns out, that while Avianne & Co Jewelers is building a strong presence in the jewelry world, lesser-known companies are attempting to "ride the wave" in an effort to gain exposure from the brand's notoriety. For example, it has come to the attention of Avianne & Co Jewelers that several similarly named brands are showing face in the industry pretending to be with the brand. As extraordinary as it sounds, there really are people who claim to be employed by Avianne & Co, conversing with big name clients and public figures - even closing deals for high ticket items.

"On more than one occasion, we were notified of impostors claiming to work for our brand, approaching clients and pushing their own merchandise to them - which of course does not meet the standards of quality set forth by our company. This is not only alarming to us as businessmen, but as the go-to designers of hip hop diamond jewelry for artists worldwide," says Ethan Storme, Head of Custom Designs.

In one notable instance, Avianne & Co Jewelers came in contact with an NFL player, a potential client, who was already familiar with the brand. Upon conversing with the player, it was discovered that recently he had engaged in quite a large purchase with a man named Gabriel, who had claimed to be a senior member of the Avianne & Co organization. The athlete then proceeded to describe how he had paid approximately $100,000 for a high end item from Gabriel, only to find out that the product was appraised for no more than $30,000. Such instances are not uncommon, and cause a very negative image of the actual brand, who would never engage in such bad business. In this case and many others, the negativity directed at Avianne & Co is reverberated throughout the sports world, leaving a bad taste in potential clients' mouths prior to even working with the true brand itself.

"It is slightly upsetting that we set forth a certain standard of quality and work overtime to maintain a positive image, only to have it completely ruined by impostors," asserts Storme.

Just hours prior to the release of this statement, the team at Avianne & Co got a call from a close friend who stated that he was in a meeting with notable hip hop artist and jeweler who claimed to be with the brand. Such incidents occur on a daily basis, and it must be made clear to the world that this is happening. In another case, a store only miles away from the Avianne & Co headquarters in midtown Manhattan, claimed to be a subsidiary of the brand. Apparently a member of the company goes by the name "Avi", and poses as a member of the Avianne & Co team.

"You'll be surprised how many people carry the name "Avi the Jeweler", and cause confusion in the industry when claiming to be with our firm. Just because a person contains three letters of our company name, does not make him a member, " says George Avianne, Director of eCommerce.

But there is hope, of course. With enough awareness about the issue and by making themselves open to the public on various levels, Team Avianne is doing all they can to prevent imitators from hurting the image. Although it is in their best interest to take legal action against the impostors, the brand takes a firm position in a more diplomatic approach to the issue. After a while, the public does take notice of imitators and fakes, causing a snowball effect which will resolve the confusion set forth by impostors such as Gabe, Avi, and others.

"If the customers do their research, they will know who's a phony, and who is truly with our brand. All it takes is a simple Google search," concludes Joe Avianne.


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