The Best and Worst Ways to Do the Stuff That Really Matters for November 8, 2011

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Every day, the readers of present their solutions to life's biggest problems in the love, family, money, work, education, sports, travel, and more. Their best ways are presented in their original, unedited form at, to 15,000 Twitter followers, and on FaceBook.

1001 Best Ways is now available in 3 volumes at, and other retailers.

1001 Best Ways is now available in 3 volumes at, and other retailers.

If you ask enough people, you're bound to get the right answer sooner or later.

“If you ask enough people, you’re bound to get the right answer sooner or later.” That’s the thinking behind, which publishes its readers’ Best Ways to raise children, save money, advance a career, fall in love, stay in love, and more.
Their unedited responses are read daily by over 15,000 Twitter followers, the readers of, and the buyers of the book series.

“1001 Best Ways is the lifetime experiences of hundreds and thousands of people.”, says publisher Paul Angles, “Every day, I am humbled by the collective wisdom people so willingly share.”

Best Ways To Save Money
Saving at the 99 cent store: I shop at the 99 cent store. Many of my products that I use daily (IE hand soap, paper towels, plastic utensils, etc) do not need to be name brand and I save money by going generic. In addition, some non-perishable food can be purchased there, such as beans and canned goods. Since everything is only 99 cents, you can save a lot of money, which is great for a poor college student such as myself.

Best Ways To Raise Kids
Let Them Be Kids: I say let a kid be a kid and show them respect just as you would another adult. I believe there are so many kids that are mistreated just because the parents are frustrated with their own lives. I try to resepect my child and not take my problems out on him.

Best Ways To Maintain Relationships
Strong, Open Communications: Communication is key. With strong and open communication you can over come so many hurdles. Listen, be able to talk about things without arguing.

Best Ways To Travel
See Florida Parks With A Disabled Vet: I live in florida and the state parks have free passes for disabled veterans who can have a party of up to eight people with them. It's a lifetime pass with no fees and only a few parks are an exception to the rule.

Best Ways To Save The Planet
Sell Your Car: I sold my car and walk or bike to anywhere i have to go within 10 miles. Anything after 10 mile I either get a ride with a friend or take the bus. I REFUSE TO PAY FOR GAS hurts the environment.

Best Ways To Advance Your Career
Business Degree Opens Doors: The best thing I ever did to advance my career was to obtain a college degree from Penn State. My degree was in Business Management. It helped open numerous doors for me that previously were unavailable.

Best Ways To Cook
Chillies and rice: to reduce the spicy effect of chillies, put some pieces of bread. Put a few drops in rice while boiling to prevent it sticking

Best Ways To Clean
Mr. Clean Vanilla Lavender: I really have to say for general cleaning I use Mr. Clean Vanilla Lavender Febreeze cleaner. It smells very good and works well. It leaves a lovely fragrance and makes your whole house smell great.

Best Ways To Maintain Your Health
The old saying was right: i want to stay healthy,so for that i eat an apple every says that because of this thing you get enough minerals for the whole day.This thing works i have a neighbor that has 90 years old,and he took an apple every day from the age of 30.

Best Ways To Get An Education
Slowly But Surely To Build Confidence: My youngest son was pushed in school to read before he was ready and as a result was frustrated and discouraged. I found a series of books about a dog named Biscuit. The books were simple with only a few lines on each page with easy words. I had him read them to me each night at his own pace, and it built up his confidence knowing that he *could* read.

Best Ways To Experience The Divine
The Bible Is The Revealed Word: I believe in the God of the Bible. It's his revealed word to us and is the best way to understand and know him.

Best Ways To Accept Mortality
Leave The World A Better Place: I think the best way to deal with mortality is to try to leave the world a better place because you've been here. Find some way you can help. Volunteer for meals on wheels; donate to charity if you can afford to; make a daily effort to be kind to people; reduce your impact on the environment; and/or work to better your community by getting involved in community activities.

Best Ways To Celebrate The Holidays
Listen To Crazy Hanukkah Music: We like to listen to crazy Hanukkah music from all over the world, in all different styles. We've found surfer music, rap, blues and Ladino madrigals from Spain.

Best Ways To Be Romantic
Birthday Pinecones: I once had a girlfriend that upon hearing that no one celebrated my birthday that year, she came to my house one night throwing pine cones at my window. When I looked outside she had a birthday cake for me.

Best Ways To Be Creative
Use Your Imagination: To inspire creativity in a child you have to use your imagination. Take them to a place that they can picture in their mind and ask them what they see. Have them draw a picture of where they are to make it even more real.

Best Ways To Be Beautiful
Practice smiling: I practice smiling. Everyone notices and appreciates smiles and I find that no matter who the person is, no one has ever said that so and so has an ugly smile. Even when I'm not smiling, I work on keeping my mouth at a neutral yet pretty pose, so that no one thinks I may be frowning.

Best Ways To Raise Pets
People with fur: A good pet secret is to love your animals, just like a person. The more love you show towards your animal, the more respect they will have towards you and listen to you.

Best Ways To Grow Plants
Keep them in the bathroom: I wasn't always good at having indoor plants. My secret now to growing and nurturing them is to keep plants that require lots of water in the bathroom, so that every time I go to the restroom, I give them a bit of water if they don't have water in the drip tray. So, location is the most important part of plant care for me.

Best Ways To Be Happy
My Dogs Make Me Happy: Happiness for me comes from my precious dogs. They make me laugh. I watch them chase the squirrels and then be taunted by the squirrels. The inner joy and goodness I get from them is just priceless.

Best Ways To Cope With Family
Count to 10: I always count to ten before answering a question that is asked "impolitely". This happens more than it should when you have 5 people in a house and everyone is under the same stress from the situation. Keeping your head when stress is high is important for peace.

Best Ways To Coach A Team
Sabre Fencing: Remain Calm: During my first sabre fencing competition, I was doing pretty badly. My coach told me to remain calm, advance slowly, and to alternate attacking straight on with counter-attacking. I didn't think my opponent would fall for it, but she did, and I won that bout.

Best Ways To Master Computers
Find It On Google: The web of confusion that we call "operating systems" can be extremely off putting. The main piece of advice that i can give you is that chances are there are some other people out there that have had the same problem. Therefore, chances are that the solution has already been figured out and can be found on google.

Best Life Lessons
Never Go Backwards: the most important life lesson I've learned from my time here is not to go backwards. It solves nothing. Life involves moving forward and ahead. Looking back will only cause you to stagnate

Best Ways To Have Fun
Drunken Fun: I have a blast hanging out with my friends competing in various ways...while drunk. We play video games, board games, card games, you name it. If a clear winner can be determined chances are we play it. Laughing and ragging on each other is a blast and of course there's the bragging rights.
The Story of 1001 Best Ways

Paul Angles was driving home from work, stuck in traffic, and thinking about ways to cut back on the family budget, when he heard a commercial for an Internet Service Provider, his Internet Service Provider, offering new subscribers $20 off per month for the first year.

Suddenly inspired, he called them and asked for the new subscriber rate. He was turned down. Undeterred, he asked the operator if he could cancel his account and restart it at the new rate. That did the trick. With less than 5 minutes work, he saved $240 without having to cut back on anything.

It was so much fun saving so much money that he began to wonder who else he could call. And which of his friends he could tell. And what ideas they might have. And how there ought to be a website that collected those great ideas and made them available.


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