The Best Ways to Do the Stuff That Really Matters for November 11, 2011

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Every day, the readers of present their solutions to life's biggest problems in the love, family, money, work, education, sports, travel, and more. Their best ways are presented in their original, unedited form at, to 15,000 Twitter followers, and on FaceBook.

1001 Best Ways is now available in 3 volumes at, and other retailers.

1001 Best Ways is now available in 3 volumes at, and other retailers.

If you ask enough people the right questions, you’re bound to get the right answer sooner or later.

“If you ask enough people the right questions, you’re bound to get the right answer sooner or later.” That’s the thinking behind, which publishes its readers’ Best Ways to raise children, save money, advance a career, fall in love, stay in love, and more.

Their unedited responses are read daily by over 15,000 Twitter followers (@1001BestWays), the readers of, and the buyers of the book series.

“1001 Best Ways is the lifetime experiences of hundreds and thousands of people.”, says publisher Paul Angles, “Every day, I am humbled by the collective wisdom people so willingly share.”

Best Ways To Save Money
Sharing clothes with cousin's kids: I share clothes for the kids with my cousins kids. As kids grow their clothes become short for them and most of the expensive clothes are as good as new and still of no use to the grown up kids. We exchange such clothes and hence save a lot of money. I give my kids clothes which are used by my cousins younger one and I take the clothes from my cousins older kid for my kid.

Best Ways To Raise Kids
Set A Good Example. : Be honest with them or present a good example. It doesn't matter what you say. It matters what you do.

Best Ways To Maintain Relationships
Let Them Know What's Going On: Talk to your significant other. If you're going to be busy with work the next few weeks, let them know ahead of time so they're not left wondering where you've disappeared to and why you never spend time together anymore.

Best Ways To Travel
Solid Soaps And Shampoos Aren't Subject To TSA: If you're getting a plane soon, pick up some solid soap - AND solid shampoo. You don't have to declare solids like shampoo bars, so you can keep your hair clean without all the fuss over keeping your bottles under 3 ounces and worrying about liquids as carry-ons.

Best Ways To Save The Planet
Squash Decoration Becomes Multiple Meals: I bought large winter squash to display in front of my fireplace for the autumn and especially for Thanksgiving. After the autumn was over, I put them in the cellar where it is cold so they would not get moldy. Every couple weeks, I cut them up and roast them with honey or miso and am able to get 6-7 meals out of each squash since they are huge. I used them for decoration and now I am eating them. I wanted to roast the seeds, but they weren't very tasty.

Best Ways To Advance Your Career
A Higher Diploma = Advancement: I am into website designing. I was ok in my field. Then i decided to get a higher diploma in website designing. It really has helped me in my field. I got to know different techniques, a lot of study material to work upon practically. Now i am definitely doing 1-2 levels up than where i was six months ago.

Best Ways To Cook
Cooking for kids and adults at the same time: Mt tip is about cooking for your baby and your entire family without feeling like you are a short order cook. Lets use soup for example, prepare all your ingedients at one time (chop veggies, cut meat, pre cook meat if desired) and then put two pots on the stove. One will be for the little one and one for the older children and adults - divide the ingredients and then you can add spices and other seasoning that you don't want your little ones to have to the adult pot and the children/baby pot can be better suited to their tastes. You have made two seperate meals without adding any cooking/prep time.

Best Ways To Clean
Cleaning with newspaper: in order to clean anything of glass just take a newspaper and wet with very small quantity of water then squeeze the newspaper and clean the whole table with it,it will remove all the stains from the glass.

Best Ways To Maintain Your Health
Walk the dog: I walk my dog 3 times a day. He is a little shih tzu and can't walk very far, but 15 minutes at a time adds up to 45 minutes per day for me! I figure I'm walking at least 2 miles each day.

Best Ways To Get An Education
Fractions Matter: The greatest thing I have ever learned would have to be fractions. Although they are pretty simple, you can use them for a lot of problems in this world. I had a teacher who spent a lot of time on them, and I greatly appreciate that. They are very usefull to me in my line of work(Construction).

Best Ways To Experience The Divine
Be Disciplined: I tend to be lazy and I often grant myself passes and excuses and so, for me, free-wheeling spirituality is of no benefit. So, as with physical exercise, for me worship is a matter of routine and discipline: I attend weekly church services, even when I don't feel like it, even when there are a thousand other things I feel I could be doing instead, because this is the only effective and beneficial way for me to maintain my connection with the Divine.

Best Ways To Accept Mortality
Try Denial: Denial works. Anger doesn't. Acceptance is said to work. Tears admonish and guilt doesn't work. Go with it you can't change it

Best Ways To Celebrate The Holidays
Holidays Are Out-Of-Touch: I've never been one to celebrate the holidays unless I was dragged into them by friends or family. I view them as outdated practices that have lost touch with what they were originally about.

Best Ways To Be Romantic
The Old Balloons-In-The-Trunk Trick: My girlfriend surprised me with balloons in the trunk of my car. She opened it and over 200 balloons flew out.

Best Ways To Be Creative
Upbeat Music: One of the ways I get my elementary students to be creative is to play upbeat music when they are working on art projects. The fast-paced rhythms really get the students energy up and helps unleash their creativity.

Best Ways To Be Beautiful
Dye your hair: Th way I make my self more appealing is by dying my hair a medium red which brightens up my face. Then I go for natural make up. And of course always be friendly.

Best Ways To Raise Pets
Ray Charles re-incarnated?: I have a small black dog named Zoey. When she wants attention, she sits nearby and rocks from side to side rhythmically. At the same time she sings her song, which is very hard to spell in English but is something like, "Goorl, Goorl, Gorrl, Goorl." We say she is imitating Ray Charles!

Best Ways To Grow Plants
Give it love: The secret to growing a great plant is taking very good care of it and giving love to it. It is like an animal, you must nurture it for it to flourish. You must love it, to make it grow healthy.

Best Ways To Be Happy
The Sun After Winter Makes Me Happy: I become ridiculously happy when the sun finally pops out after a long absence in the winter. I instantly feel a leap in my mood- we huamns are designed to crave sunlight and are gloriously happy when we get it.

Best Ways To Cope With Family
Avoid politics: Do not discuss politics. We range from conservative Republicans (my brothers) to flaming Liberals (me.) No good can come of attempting to convince a person of the opposite party of the error of their ways, and it just upsets everyone.

Best Ways To Coach A Team
Baseball: Shortstop Pitcher: My high school baseball coach decided to put the shortstop who had a strong arm on the pitching mound in a tight game. He hadn't pitched in a while, but his power arm was still too much for hitters and he won us the game.

Best Ways To Master Computers Is Simple And Free: If you go on the web trying to find information about how to fix an infected computer, it looks complex and overwhelming. What I found for Windows is a simple, free program called AntiMalware from Just click on update->check for updates to get the latest additions, and then click on scanner->perform full scan for your C drive, and if it finds problems, just tell it to fix them. Unlike similar programs, this is completely obvious and non-scary.

Best Life Lessons
Balance Your Day: Always keep balance in your daily activities. If you spend too much time doing one thing then you can become stressed, overwhelmed, etc. You want a good balance to keep happy, healthy, and well rounded.

Best Ways To Have Fun
Horror Movies With My Daughters!: Fun equals a winter night, curled up on the sofa with my two daughters watching a horror movie with a big bowl of popcorn! We scare each other and evaluate the bloody scenes on how fake versus real they look! If the movie is really bad we make fun of it and we'll quote the lines and overact them or put our own spin on a certain scene. We'll say those quotes, when applicable, throughout the week and really laugh about it! My kids are a Blast!!

The Story of 1001 Best Ways

Paul Angles, an Internet Marketing Director, was driving home from work, stuck in traffic, and thinking about ways to cut back on the family budget, when he heard a commercial for an Internet Service Provider--his Internet Service Provider!--offering new subscribers $20 off per month for the first year.

Suddenly inspired, he called them and asked for the new subscriber rate. He was promptly turned down. Undeterred, he asked the operator if he could cancel his account and restart it at the new rate. That did the trick. With less than 5 minutes work, he saved $240 without having to cut back on anything.

It was so much fun saving so much money that he began to wonder who else he could call. And which of his friends he could tell. And what ideas they might have. And how there ought to be a website that collected those great ideas and made them available.

Soon, he created and began collecting Best Ways by the hundreds, posting them hourly on the website, tweeting them, and finally, collecting them into a series of books available in Kindle and in paperback on,, and many others. 1001 Best Ways, Volume 4, is scheduled for release in November 2011.


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