A New Musical Style is Born: Sci-Fi Techno-Metal

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Tony Pappas & The Ghosts of Orion release their debut album: INTERGALACTIC HIGHWAY

Intergalactic Highway - Album Cover

Intergalactic Highway

INTERGALACTIC HIGHWAY unfolds like a futuristic, space age, science fiction novel that promises to take the listener on a cerebral and emotional rollercoaster ride to places unfamiliar and far away...

Tony Pappas, a multi-instrumentalist composer/producer, releases his long awaited style: Sci-Fi Techno-Metal to the world with his Ghosts of Orion project.

It all began when Tony started hearing space age science fiction, techno, and heavy metal all fused together into one musical style. In the liner notes he says, "In 2007 glimpses of the three fused together started to enter my mind. By late 2008 the vision was so clear that I knew I had to write an album and share it with the world." That album is now complete and set to release on 11/11/11.

The album: INTERGALACTIC HIGHWAY unfolds like a futuristic, space age, science fiction novel that promises to take the listener on a cerebral and emotional rollercoaster ride to places "unfamiliar and far away... yet still be accessible to the common Earthling of today".

In 2008 Tony formed the Ghosts of Orion so that he may "share this special kind of music with the world". It took about nine months to write and between January 2009 and October 2011 he composed, recorded, sequenced, mixed, and mastered the album at Prosonic Studios in Albuquerque, NM.

Tony uses contrasting imagery along with a multitude of textures to create a unique, emotional soundscape that takes listeners to the very edge of their imagination. Right from the beginning, powerful images emerge as the explosive FASTER THAN LIGHT seamlessly fades into the ethereal BENEVOLENT HOST, giving listeners a "taste" of the emotional rollercoaster ride to come...

At the heart of this thrilling rollercoaster is a very unique piece of music. Based on the first American Spacewalk by Ed White almost a half century ago, the appropriately named SPACEWALK, includes actual radio communications that Tony obtained directly from NASA. Mid-way through, the song breaks into a breathtaking double-kick part in the drums that, "expresses not only the danger that's out there, but also the velocity at which these guys orbit the planet... reaching speeds in excess of 17,000 mph!"

WAR MACHINE, the next track on the album, is brought to life by a wide array of textures and the creative manipulation of ordinary sounds. The sound of the machine itself serves as the percussion for the song. The engine is literally a recording of an electric drill mixed with a high voltage power supply; the arms and legs are a variety of recorded hydraulic servos and lifts; and the feet hitting the ground are actual hand grenades exploding. In the beginning the machine walks into battle and is accompanied by a dark, brooding rhythm section with haunting, mysterious voices floating around it in the stereo image.

On the album cover it says: "Specifically Designed to be Played Loud" and "A Journey Into Sci-Fi Techno-Metal for High Fidelity Audio Systems". When asked about this Tony stated that this music was specifically designed with the audiophile in mind. "I took great effort to make the music sound great at high volume on hi-fidelity audio systems". While not going into too much detail he did say that maintaining dynamics in the mastering process was one element in attaining the high quality of sound. He also mentioned that ear fatigue (when listening at high volume) has been greatly reduced as a result.

To hear the new style, and to get more info, visit the official Ghosts of Orion Website at: http://www.GhostsOfOrion.com/Album.aspx


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