The 5 Things Occupy Wall Street Wants Finally Releases a New Documentary Video Site Launching Today

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The Occupy Wall Street Movement is Squandering an Opportunity - is Answering the Demand for the Occupy Wall Street Movement to Clearly Define Solutions on Behalf of the Protest and the 98%. Not Since the Late 1960's has the Mainstream Media, Government, Politicians and the General Public been More Open to a Change Movement. The Protestors' Stubbornness to Unify Behind A Clear Message and an Identified Leadership Shows They are Just as Radicalized as the Top 1%. Finally Provides 5 Concrete "Asks" on behalf of the Remaining 98% Who Seek Real Change Within The System as Opposed to Overthrowing Our Free Market Democracy.

the finally releases what the Occupy Wall Street Movement wants

the 5 Things We Want - Occupy Wall Street Protest

Occupy Wall Street Protest has Squandered an Opportunity - Finally Provides 5 Concrete "Asks" on behalf of the 98%

The Occupy Wall Street movement is soon to fail. Occupy protests across North America are certain to be shut down as public support fades for a movement which has stubbornly resisted to unify under a single leadership and to communicate a clear message.

"The Occupy Protestors are just as radicalized as the top 1%." says founder Brent Stafford. "The protest movement is squandering a huge opportunity. Not since the late 1960's has the mainstream media, government, politicians and general public been more open to a change movement. But these protestors refuse to provide concrete solutions".

Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, where the entire Occupy Wall Street movement began with Kalle Lasn's Adbusters and the Culturejammer magazine and website; provides clearly defined 5 specific "Asks" which if implemented are certain to make a big impact in the effort to level out the inequalities, which are at the heart of the complaint of the protest.

"Unless these protesters begin to communicate a unified message, they are doomed to fail." says Stafford. "It's so tragic, as they are playing right into the standard protest narrative. Unlike other protest movements, such as the WTO conflicts, these protesters are choosing to be marginalized and de-legitimized. Frankly, the rest of the 98% of us who face structural unemployment, foreclosures, massive student loans & credit card debit are to see no real change as the protest movement gets shut down as people start dying on-site and the protest turns more violent." is a new documentary video site produced by a tight group of Vancouver filmmakers, who in just a short few weeks have produced from scratch a complete project, including over a dozen professional video segments which highlight the 5 specific solutions and exposes the hypocrisy of the protest movement. "Our goal is to maximize the good deeds of the Occupy Wall Street protesters and to translate between them and the rest of the 98%." says Sr. Producer Diego Puertas.

Videos on the website capture frank commentary by the producers and the protesters themselves. They focus on the lack of a unified message, they explore the pitfalls of the movement and they capture a ongoing frustrating conflict between the protesters and the film crew.

"The 2012 Presidential election provides a great opportunity to affect real change we can believe in" says producer Joseph Fisher. "The protesters have done a good job of capturing mindshare, but now its at the point where their efforts are about to fail and we are trying to define the concrete solutions to achieve the real changes we need to save our free market system and way of life."

In addition to providing clarity to the Occupy Wall Street movement, the project and social media responses serve as the original research for Mr. Stafford's Ph.D. dissertation.

Brent Stafford is the CEO of Shaky Egg Communications Inc. For the past 16 years, Brent has worked with the largest brands and entertainment properties in the world. He's created national & global joint-marketing campaigns & intellectual property agreements with companies and properties such as Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, Wal*Mart, Electronic Arts, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Disney, NASCAR, the GRAMMYS and the Super Bowl.

Stafford is also a nationally recognized expert on video games, delivering a $2MM anchor brand partnership to Comcast for the launch of the G4 cable channel. Brent holds a Masters Degree in Communications, in Applied Sciences from Simon Fraser University and is a former CBC television news reporter/producer. And after nearly ten years of teaching film & television production, he is launching his own School of Communications in the heart of downtown Vancouver at the corner of Robson & Granville.

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