Reputation Repair: Individuals Take Action Against Offending Videos And Articles

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Private individuals can now benefit from a specialized new service by online reputation repair company, Online Reputation Management, to tackle and remove offensive and negative videos and photos posted online.

Online Reputation Repair

Online Reputation Repair

“I was simply young and goofing around. A friend of my roommate took the video. I had no idea how it would impact my life more than 10 years later... I have strong reason to believe that this video has cost me at least one job, if not more.

Online Reputation Management launched a new service to help private individuals remove offensive videos and pictures posted online. The service takes a three pronged approach to dealing with such situations. Firstly they work to remove the offending videos and pictures altogether. Secondly they use their expertise in SEO and online marketing to ensure that search engine results are dominated with positive results pushing any negative results and aforementioned videos to the bottom of searches. Thirdly, they create a ‘reputation management plan’ so that the individual can rest assured that an offending video will not return to high profile positions online, and will have an effective plan of action in place should any offending video, picture or article re-appear. This new service for private individuals parallels their reputation repair service already offered to businesses looking to repair their online reputation which may be effected by negative reviews and spam.

As more people are using the Internet, and as people are using the Internet more, it is becoming increasingly important for individuals and companies alike to manage their online reputations. An offending video or slanderous article can negatively affect an individual in numerous ways, from not getting a job or being fired, to simply causing personal distress for the individuals and their families.

A professional from Miami recently contacted Online Reputation Management due to the existence of an offensive video, taken while she was in collage. “I was simply young and goofing around. A friend of my roommate took the video. I had no idea how it would impact my life more than 10 years later. I didn’t even know it had been posted online until 2 years ago. I work in a highly competitive industry where image is important. I have strong reason to believe that this video has cost me at least one job, if not more. What’s more, it was distressing for my family and I knew I had to do something about it.”

Online Reputation Management took on the case and formulated a tailored plan to tackle the problem. They initially set about trying to remove the video and succeeded in removing it from the vast majority of the places it appeared online. The next step was to ensure that any search engine results would yield positive results, thus pushing any remaining posts of the offending video to the latter pages of an online search. According to company management, Online Reputation Management succeeded in pushing the video from appearing twice in the first page of Google results, and a further 9 times over the next 8 pages, to appearing only 3 times, all after the 6th page in a Google search.

The final phase of the project was to launch a positive PR campaign for the individual, ensuring that search results would show an array of substantiated positive information. The case is considered a big success for Online Reputation Management. The company is a leading online reputation repair and management organization with extensive expertise and experience in SEO and online marketing. They offer a range of services to repair and manage online reputations. For both individuals and businesses, the increasing reliance on the Internet as a primary and often sole source of information means that it is becoming noticeably more important to have tools in place to tackle any negative or offensive comments, videos and photos, which can otherwise damage the online reputation of an individual or a business.

About Online Reputation Management
Online Reputation Management is an industry leader in repairing the online reputations of both private individuals and businesses. They have extensive experience working primarily with US based clients to resolve an array of online reputation damage. Online Reputation Management creates customized solutions for clients to effectively deal with any damage that can be caused by negative material posted online. Their services include the removal of online offensive material and the implementation of a tailored SEO and marketing solution to ensure maximum positive exposure and minimum negative material in search engine results.

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