Envision Capital Group Helps Businesses Grow by Offering Working Capital Loans

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Working capital loans help businesses grow and now Envision Capital Group has launched a new program to help business advance in today's equipment leasing market.

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Envision Capital Group

By providing our clients with the working capital they need to succeed, our clients will be able to grow their business and invest in their future. That’s going to benefit the local economy too.

Today, Envision Capital Group announced a new working capital program to help businesses survive the early years of instability and ensure they will be around for the long term. Envision Capital Group is offering working capital loans in an effort to help small businesses succeed. “The failure rates in America are alarming,” said Envision co-founder, Brett Allen. “Around 95% of all businesses will fail within the first 5 years and the number one reason for that failure is undercapitalization. We feel we have a responsibility to help businesses survive and we can do that with our working capital loans, which can provide that key capitalization.”

Undercapitalization is when a business doesn’t have sufficient funds or the necessary capital to support the business’s operations. Mr. Allen adds, “While it can affect businesses of all sizes, it’s more problematic with smaller businesses. That’s the market our working capital loans can really help.”

Businesses that are undercapitalized not only risk failure; they risk the failure to grow. Even when they manage to stay afloat, these businesses risk missing growth opportunities because they don’t have the necessary capital to invest in expansion and healthy growth. With limited growth, they are often only prolonging the inevitable, eventually succumbing to failure.

Working capital loans offer businesses the opportunity to have access to the working capital they need to remain a healthy, viable business. Envision co-founder, Jeff Edwards says, “It’s disappointing when someone has an excellent business plan and marketable product or service, but lacks the necessary capital to see it to fruition. By offering our clients manageable working capital loans, everyone wins. Businesses grow and prosper, providing jobs and giving back to the community. Helping businesses succeed is far reaching, providing an economic boost during tough times.”

What distinguishes businesses that succeed from businesses that fail in the first five years isn’t always great ideas, it isn’t always having better or worse products or services, and it isn’t even the number of customers. What distinguishes successful businesses from failing businesses is working capital. The difference between being capitalized and being undercapitalized is the difference between success and failure within the first five years.

Envision Capital’s working capital program offers a number of benefits. By tailoring their working capital loans to each client, these businesses have an opportunity to be more competitive, to grow and prosper, and to focus on the future. “This is especially true during tough economic times,” says Mr. Edwards. “By taking advantage of the working capital loan program; we can help our clients overcome the obstacles young businesses face. When we remove the number one reason for failure, undercapitalization, the future looks pretty solid for our clients. This gives our clients the opportunity to stop wasting their time worrying about working capital and start focusing on growth and prosperity.”

Many businesses rely on the investments of venture capitalists, corporate investors and business angels to resolve capital challenges that occur in those early years and that prevent future growth from occurring. When a business starts looking for capital in all the wrong places this can lead to short term fixes and still result in failure. “What businesses need in those early years is reliable working capital from legitimate sources with a payment plan that works and that’s what we have to offer,” says Mr. Allen. “By providing our clients with the working capital they need to succeed, our clients will be able to grow their business and invest in their future. That’s going to benefit the local economy too.”

One can see why this working capital program is significant news to clients and to the local economy. With so many businesses failing in their early years, tools that will allow businesses to focus on survival and growth are worth learning about.

According to Envision Capital Group’s executive team, clients may not recognize the full benefits of the working capital loans and may not fully understand how a business can maximize their benefit. As a result, an opportunity for growth and success may go unutilized. For more information on how to take full advantage of this working capital program, contact Envision Capital Group today at (888) 779-6989, or visit http://www.EnvisionCapitalGroup.com.

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Envision Capital Group was founded to help companies obtain the equipment necessary to sustain and grow their business through leading finance by providing flexible financing and leasing options. Envision Capital Group wishes to make your equipment acquisition as simple as possible with the least amount of administrative burden on your part. Envision Capital Group prides itself on servicing all business types and all credit histories.


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