Zulu Software Announces the Release of Unique Mainframe Migration Products

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Zulu Software, industry leader in the migration of Cobol and Natural mainframe applications to Open Systems Platforms, has announced the release of two additional products to enhance its migration product suite. ZUCOBOL which provides automatic language migration from CICS and batch Cobol programs to C#, and Zulu Application Migration Services (ZAMS) providing full functionality for Batch Management and Scheduling of migrated systems.

"ZAMS offers the total solution for one stop Batch Operations"

Trevor Veary, CEO of Zulu Software today announced the availability of two key products targeted at gaps in the Mainframe Migration arena. The ZUCOBOL product addresses the automated conversion of Mainframe CICS and batch Cobol to C# .Net. The current products available in this space are either incomplete or immature said Veary, ZUCOBOL has addressed this shortfall and provides fully automated and complete support for Cobol to C# code migration. In announcing ZAMS he went on to explain that this is a truly unique product offering, as it addresses both Job Management and Scheduling of migrated and non-migrated (native) batch environments. “Currently available products typically provide solutions to just one of these requirements, ZAMS offers the total solution for one stop Batch Operations” said Veary. He went on to say that ZUCOBOL is a product but sold as a service component of a Zulu Software Migration solution. ZAMS is sold as a standalone product. Both products are in BETA testing and GA is scheduled for Early Q1 2012.

Product Feature / Function Review

ZUCOBOL - IBM Mainframe COBOL to C# .NET

The new Zulu Software product is unique in the way that it provides a total solution.

The product has the following key features:

  •     100% automated conversion
  •     One time fee with no recurring license or maintenance component
  •     Source code for all modules (including framework) is provided
  •     Syntax and runtime support for CICS® calls – with built-in CICS® preprocessor
  •     Supports EBCDIC collating sequence for sorts, value comparisons and database calls
  •     Can read and write EBCDIC or ASCII sequential files, variable or fixed length, line sequential or not
  •     Inclusive of a comprehensive gui Map Editor
  •     Supports all aspects of Mainframe COBOL, including conventions such as BLL cells (SERVICE RELOAD)
  •     Converts the following versions of mainframe COBOL to C#

o    VS1 COBOL
o    Enterprise COBOL for Z/OS
The above features make Zulu’s ZUCOBOL a unique offering in the Mainframe space, no other automated solutions can claim to incorporate all of the above as standard features. Zulu developed this product specifically to address the issues they encounter with their own migration projects, issues they believe are common requirements needing to be addressed in all Mainframe Cobol migrations moving to C#. Some of the other features that make this product a leader in its field:

  •     Online applications run as web applications under IIS
  •     BMS maps (Macro and Screen) are converted to aspx web pages
  •     Generated code is standard C# code maintained using Visual Studio
  •     VSAM online and batch to MS SQL Server 2008:

o    A Data Migration utility is used to port the VSAM metadata and data from the source to the target platform
o    VSAM I/O Operations are managed by the C#.NET Framework

  •     Easily interoperable with CLR applications generated by other languages such as VB.NET
  •     Custom bridges can be developed for managed C#.NET applications to call unmanaged binaries such as C and C++ on the Windows platform
  •     Automatic generation of Web Service Interface for subroutines

ZAMS – Open Systems Batch Management and Scheduling

Zulu Application Management System

Zulu Application Migration Services provide a dual solution for Batch Management and Scheduling in one unique product. Currently operations staff are required to manage their batch process procedures with a different product than their scheduler. This is another Zulu product conceived during hands-on experience with mainframe migrations and the shortage of integrated solutions. Zulu’s research and development team went to work at the direction of the Project delivery teams to bring this full function product to market. ZAMS is designed to bring everything together in one simple easy to use graphical solution. Because of its full functionality, ZAMS replaces the requirement for two established expensive products.

ZAMS has the following features:

  •     Can replace traditional Job Schedulers such as CA7, CA11, Control-M, UC4:

o    Tasks can be scheduled regularly, started manually or started by an event such as the arrival of a sequential file in a folder or firing of a database trigger
o    Comprehensive Web Interface for management and monitoring
o    Value substitution

  •     Has multiple “Job Classes” and one or more “Initiators” for each class
  •     Resources can be controlled by job class
  •     Is not “language based” – tasks and parameters are entered via an intuitive Web interface
  •     Legacy scripting languages can be imported: Z/OS JCL, DOS/VSE JCS and DEC Vax DCL
  •     Legacy scripting languages can be exported
  •     Uses a Relational Database to store tasks, jobs, events and output files. Currently MS SQL Server and Oracle supported (DB2 planned)
  •     Job monitoring in real time through Web Interface:

o    Graphic showing steps completed, time taken to complete and Return Code
o    Percentage completion shown for currently executing steps
o    Conditional execution shown graphically
o    SYSOUT can be viewed, downloaded as PDF, sent as e-mail or printed
o    Jobs can be killed via the web interface

To learn more about these products visit Zulusoftware.com.

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