Truck Whisperer Launches “4WD Whisperer” to Increase Safety on the Roads this Christmas

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Truck Whisperer launches "4WD Whisperer" Advanced Steering Management System (ASMS) for 4WD's to increase road safety this Christmas.

For many Australian families the Christmas holiday season brings with it the sad reminders of past tragedy, or the raw heartache of disaster as it unfolds. Reducing our national road toll is a central message for law enforcement agencies but are they really serious about it?

What government and vehicle manufacturers ought to be aware of is an inherent design flaw in the steering systems of trucks and 4WDs. Approximately seventy-two percent of power steering problems have been understood and rectified, however an astounding twenty-eight percent remain unresolved. Long haul drivers and 4WD owners consistently have issues that plague their vehicles: under steering, heavy steering, aggressive wear on the edge of tyres or scalloping, and loss of control when a tyre hits the shoulder, let alone the nightmare of wander when towing vans or boats. These issues are not just dangerous for the vehicle’s occupants they place other road users in harm’s way. When considering the extra energy required to control a vehicle under these circumstances it’s no wonder driver fatigue plays such a major role in vehicle accidents.

Manufacturers may or may not be aware of the design flaw but independent research confirms the issues exist. Fortunately an Australian company has developed the solution, an Advanced Steering Management System (ASMS) that addresses these problems in 4WDs new or old, provided they have power steering.

Called the 4WD Whisperer this innovative technology improves the overall safety of the vehicle by correcting steering issues – wandering, under-steer, heavy steering, tram-tracking and excessive wear and tear – plus the system delivers a host of other benefits including avoiding tyre scalloping which increases tyre life, reduced vibration, less wear and tear on the vehicle’s suspension and a dramatic improvement in handling. Naturally this reduces running costs of the vehicle, including a saving of around 4.5% on fuel and importantly, dramatically reduces driver fatigue.

The Truck Whisperer and 4WD Whisperer have recognised full Patents in Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America.

The journey for Ken Dennis, founder of the original ASMS, and the Truck Whisperer, began more than 20 years ago when he bought a new truck. He’d been a long-haul driver for more than 25 years and was dissatisfied with the vehicle’s performance. ‘It wouldn’t stand up in the corners, or bends or on roundabouts, the kick back through the steering wheel and the ride quality wasn’t what a bloke should have to endure.’ Over the next 12 months, after every trip, the truck was back with the dealer who was trying to rectify the problem. Finally the warranty had expired, the dealer had had enough and alleged the truck was up to spec. We now know that this was incorrect.

It was still not performing to a standard Ken felt was acceptable or safe so he took matters into his own hands.

With another 12 months of exhaustive testing Ken finally found the cause of the problem and the solution. Two years later he collaborated with a leading automotive engineer to perfect the technology. Now the proven success of the Truck Whisperer within the transport industry has given birth to a major franchise network across the country.

Proof of the dramatic improvement in performance is clear to everyone who has invested in improving the safety of their vehicle.

‘After the work was done we went for a test drive on an unsealed country road with potholes and I have to say that I actually was able to steer the F250 with the heel of my hands. No longer did I have to grasp the steering wheel and fight with it as the vehicle climbed in and out of potholes. It was unbelievable the difference this Advanced Steering Management System made.’ Bev Walker

‘To cut a long story short, now I don't have a problem of the tram-tracking and the LC 76 drives like a limousine. It's marvellous what a little bit of knowledge in the right hands can achieve. Thanks to the Truck Whisperer my wife now says it’s a pleasure to drive and wants to do all the driving.’ Ian Morton

‘My Ford Explorer now has less body roll, better road edge control, I have no steering feedback and it takes corners like it never has before. It’s a safer car to drive for me and my family.’ Marc Biancon.

So don’t risk your family’s safety this Christmas. Eliminate dangerous steering and wander particularly for towing boats and caravans. For just AUD$550 (inc GST) the 4WD Whisperer will transform a vehicle’s performance and could save lives.

For more information call Ken Dennis on +61 417 506 321


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