Abacus Solutions' Top Five Reasons for Businesses to Adopt an Enterprise Archive System

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Atlanta IT infrastructure solutions provider explains how legal requirements and security concerns make a reliable archive system essential for any business.

Abacus Solutions, an IT infrastructure solutions provider, provides an enterprise archive system for businesses of all sizes across all industries. Most businesses understand the importance of an archive system and have come to rely on one for peace-of-mind regarding their document security. The benefits of having an enterprise archive system in place are numerous. Below is a list of the top five reasons why businesses need to adopt a records archiving system.

1.    eDiscovery – There are many laws and requirements regarding how emails and documents must be archived. These laws specify that emails must be stored in their original format, and it must be possible to restore the data in a reasonable amount of time. If a company becomes involved in a lawsuit, the records need to be recovered quickly. Companies wishing to avoid the penalties that can result from a failure to provide this data need to develop an archiving plan immediately.

2.    Compliance Issues – In fields where it is imperative to comply with strict guidelines surrounding privacy and security, a reliable archiving system is simply a non-negotiable requirement. Financial services and healthcare are just two examples of industries that have to worry about following specific archiving guidelines. Companies in industries with strict archiving policies need to ensure that their archiving system meets all their needs, and is customizable to meet future requirements.

3.    Usability – IT managers have a tough job. Between handling data center issues, and individual user issues, finding any extra time is nearly impossible. Having an archive system that individual users can access saves a lot of time and headaches for IT managers. Users need to have access to their individually stored emails, but not to any other user’s. With the correct archive system in place, users can view, restore, and resend archived emails. However, no email can be deleted or altered from the archive, allowing all documents to remain admissible in court.

4.    Security – In a scenario where a company parts ways with an employee, having a document and email archive can protect the company against any former employee backlash. If the employee prints privileged documents, alters any emails, or sends emails on behalf of the company, this information will be archived. The ability to see everything that is printed, sent via email, or recorded over a phone call can protect a company against fraud or malignant actions.

5.    Customer Service – Most companies work to keep their customers happy, and provide the best overall service possible. Monitoring what is said over a phone call or sent via email can be extremely time consuming. Having an archive that stores these conversations automatically can be integral to ensuring that employees are sending out the right company message. Additionally, having the call or email records can greatly help when delivering feedback to employees.

About Abacus Solutions

Abacus Solutions strategically combines products, services and resources to deliver IT infrastructure solutions that solve your business needs. The company architects multi-platform enterprise-level, server, storage and networking solutions by offering technologies from leading vendors. Abacus offers solutions focused on the areas of virtualization, including server consolidation, desktop and thin client solutions, and high availability virtualization; enterprise storage and archival; comprehensive network solutions; and backup and business continuity. For additional information, call 1-800-605-5446 or visit abacusllc.com.


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