"World's Most Dangerous Board Game" Comes to the App Store

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Designers of the controversial board game, War on Terror, have turned their most notorious game into an iPhone app that is set to explode onto the app store on 25 November. This marks TerrorBull Games' first foray into digital gaming and they hope it will encourage other satirical games to follow.

The infamous board game, War on Terror, by TerrorBull Games, has been turned into an iPhone game that is set to explode onto the app store on 25 November.

War on Terror, the boardgame stirred controversy before it was even released for using humour and satire to tackle the subject of terrorism, resulting in death threats being issued against its inventors. It was summarily banned from every major toy fair in the world and ultimately secured notoriety when it became the first board game in history to be branded an offensive weapon by the police when they seized some copies at an environmental protest camp, citing the balaclava that comes with the game as a security threat.

Now the digital version of what has been dubbed the "most dangerous board game in the world" will be available for £2.99 / $4.99 on the iTunes app store from 25 November 2011. Initially released for the iPhone and iPod touch, TerrorBull Games hopes to produce an optimised iPad version of the game, followed by an Android version shortly after.

War on Terror, the application is a strategy game of global liberation (ie. domination) that sees players establish their own Empire, which they spread by various means across a world map divided into 49 countries, matching the rather simplistic view of the world that helped form foreign policy in the real 'war on terror'. Along the way, the richest oil reserves need to be secured, since oil lubricates the liberation machine. Players are encouraged to make and break alliances with other players and anonymously fund terrorism in order to eradicate or weaken the greater threat posed by rogue empires. But aggression isn't the only way to victory; players can invest instead in missile defences and building up their developments to withstand the onslaught of freedom being exported by other empires.

The game additionally features dynamic oil distribution (every game is different), advanced, reactive artificial intelligence, simulated 4,5 and 6 player game options, all original artwork by award-winning illustrator, Tom Morgan-Jones, original sound and music by Robert Taliesin Owen, additional music by Jarvis Cocker and a School of the Americas-inspired “Torture School” that doubles as perhaps the most disturbing credits screen yet witnessed on the app store.

Deemed an "impossible project" by no fewer than three programmers, the digital version of War on Terror was just a pipe dream before TerrorBull Games found a willing development partner in David Partouche, a French, vegan anarchist and artificial intelligence specialist. Even then, with no budget to speak of, it took over a year and 17,000 lines of code before the game was complete. In fact, the only money TerrorBull Games spent was crowdsourced from loyal fans who rallied behind the independent games studio so that they could purchase the music licence for Jarvis Cocker's satirical epic, "Running the World".

Game designer and Director of TerrorBull Games, Andrew Sheerin commented:

"We were ultimately convinced to enter the mobile app market by the success of Angry Birds – not because we have aspirations to imitate their success, but because we're the much-needed antidote to the glut of mindless, valueless fluff that bulks out 99% of the mobile games market. We want to kill the 'casual gamer'. The term is offensive – especially as nothing about their nature is remotely casual. The average casual gamer probably logs more hours and owns more games than your hardcore console freak. No one boasts of being a 'casual reader', it's unacceptable. We need to get away from this idea that games – particularly mobile games – can't do anything other than provide 30 seconds of brain-numbing distraction. Our mission is to make gaming both fun and meaningful."

Promo codes for War on Terror, the application are available upon request. For more information, please visit: http://www.terrorbullgames.co.uk/wotapp


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