Silver Spring Kitchen Remodeler Notes Trend in Green Kitchen Remodeling

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Many homeowners looking to remodel their kitchens are increasingly choosing green products, not for being environmentally friendly, but for being affordable and attractive.

Silver Spring Kitchen Remodeling

This kitchen shows three green products: cork flooring, Icestone countertops, and Lumicor's recycled resin panels

Everyone wants to be able to say that they're 'green', but until only recently that right came at a pretty high premium.

More and more people in the Washington, D.C. metro area are choosing environmentally-friendly products when remodeling kitchens, says Gary Case, owner of Signature Kitchens, Additions & Baths, but not for the reasons you might expect. Instead of purposefully choosing to remodel their kitchens to be “green,” many homeowners are choosing new high-end kitchen products and materials that just happen to be environmentally friendly. This trend reflects a shift in green products towards mainstream levels of affordability and attractiveness.

“Everyone wants to be able to say that they’re ‘green’,” Case said, “but until only recently that right came at a pretty high premium.” As green products have become more popular and mainstream over the past few years, manufacturing costs for these products have come down substantially, opening them up to more homeowners.

“In this economy a lot of our clients have put the idea of green remodeling aside,” Eniko Szlavin, a designer working at Signature, said. “But when we show them how affordable many of these products are, they get excited about it all over again.” In one recent project, Szlavin’s client chose a countertop made by the company Icestone purely for its aesthetic qualities. Only after this decision did he happily learn of its green certifications. Icestone’s countertops are a prime example of this trend towards affordable, green kitchen products. Made of 100% recycled glass and cement, these countertops have paved the way for sustainable kitchen remodeling with their reasonable costs (relative to traditional countertops like granite) and their unequaled Gold level of Cradle to Cradle certification.

The market for these green kitchen products in Washington, D.C. is booming and Signature Kitchens, Additions & Baths is at the forefront. Signature has installed cork flooring, once a niche product, in a growing number of kitchens recently. Due to cork’s sustainable harvesting methods it is one of the greenest types of kitchen flooring currently available. “Cork flooring has become pretty popular in D.C., both for its attractive features and affordability,” Szlavin said.” “My last few clients have asked about it right away, but just a few years ago it would have been mostly unheard of for kitchens.”

This trend is not only the result of green products becoming more affordable, Case said, but also more attractive. Signature has recently installed a number of Lumicor’s “architectural resin panels” in kitchen cabinetry. These panels, made of recycled resin, contain the necessary levels of recycled materials to help move a project towards LEED certification. But what was more important for the homeowner was the fact that the panels were aesthetically pleasing.

For many homeowners this effectively means that kitchen remodeling is increasingly becoming green remodeling, rather than the two practices being completely separate.

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