Chicago Personal Trainer Swears Under And Gives His Top 10 Reasons To Get A Chicago Fitness Trainer

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Chicago Personal Trainer Craig Kastning Gives 10 reasons to get a Chicago Personal Trainer and even offers to do it for a buck.

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The decision to get a Chicago fitness trainer is difficult – primarily because most people have put off their fitness goals for such a long time that they’ve lost hope that success is even possible. Yet, working with a personal trainer is the quickest and easiest way to make the dramatic lifestyle change that is needed to shed excess fat, eat right and make time for fitness.

There are ten main reasons why people might come to a Chicago personal trainer

1.    A person has been working out consistently but is not getting the results he or she wanted. Often, people reach plateaus because they are focusing solely on cardio exercises or solely on weight lifting, rather than a combination of different workouts. Other times, people may be working out but cheating in the diet department.
2.    The exerciser finds it hard to stick to a routine. Not everyone is naturally as passionate about working out as a Chicago fitness trainer. Some people need the accountability of a pay-per-session type program where a personal trainer is waiting.
3.    A person isn’t sure how to get to the next level of fitness. Each workout should feel challenging and intense. Yet, how does one know how to make workouts more difficult, without injury? A personal trainer knows just what to recommend.
4.    People who have certain conditions may need extra assistance working out safely. Fitness trainers are taught to help everyone from pregnant women and the obese to people with diabetes and those recovering from injuries.
5.    Working out with personal trainers can be a huge ego boost. Trainers in Chicago are positive, extremely motivated individuals who have an infectious attitude and know just what to say to make their clients feel good and want to come back to the gym for more.
6.    Someone who wants pointers on nutrition can work with a Chicago fitness trainer to learn how to defeat cravings, make healthier choices, count calories, gauge portion sizes, or add more healthy foods to manage illness. A trainer gives clients a custom meal plan and shopping lists to make eating effortless.
7.    People who are training for an event or trying to maintain their fitness for a particular athletic season should cross-train with a Chicago gym. Interval training and high-intensity activity will keep athletes in peak conditioning. Weight training will ensure muscle building and fat loss.
8.    At-home DVDs and the occasional odd classes just aren’t motivating enough to lead to regular exercise and the big lifestyle changes necessary to lose weight.
9.    An individual knows he or she must work out more often, but has trouble fitting it in without a strict schedule. Most boot camp participants are able to squeeze a short yet dynamic bout of fitness in before work.
10.    People who need to lose 10-40 pounds will see fast results working with a personal trainer and will be able to reach their goals within 4 months or less.

For a limited time, people can try out a personal trainer in Chicago for just $1, which includes a fitness assessment, full nutrition counseling, the development of a workout program and a week of boot camp sessions.


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