Sharon Marcus Releases 12th Book Titled: The Sound of Darkness

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Fans of poet/author Sharon Marcus are in for a special treat this fall. Marcus, a highly regarded, Toronto-based writer and a pre-eminent Canadian author in writings related to the mystical branch of the spirituality known as Sufism, has just released The Sound of Darkness, a collection of her early poetry. The Sound of Darkness follows on the success of Marcus' most recent work, The Next Step: A Sufi Primer, which was released to significant acclaim earlier this year.

In The Sound of Darkness, Marcus puts forward a collection of her early poetry, perhaps partly for the sake of personal perspective (i.e. to re-visit herself as the writer/poet she was at that point in time), and partly to provide access to those works for her readers. What becomes strikingly clear in The Sound of Darkness is that while the author has clearly grown and developed as a writer over the years, her style, manner and highly lyrical form of literature had their germination in those early years and early works. To read the poetry in The Sound of Darkness is, in some ways, the equivalent of listening to the early work of an accomplished musician. The music might have changed in its depth and sophistication over the years, but the style, manner and passion are the same.

And so it is with The Sound of Darkness. This poetic collection is separated into nine thematic collections: Nightsongs, City Sketches, A Dream of Wild Horses, The Sound of Darkness, The Boatman's Holiday, Springsong, Nerja, Paintings at Rose Bay, and Diagrams of Light. Author Marcus has herself suggested that her early poetry represents its own "sound of darkness" in that it stands as a demonstration of a poet still young and searching, a poet still attempting to find her voice – and the confidence and wisdom which will allow that voice to emerge eventually.

Within The Sound of Darkness readers will find elements of joyfulness and hope. More commonly though, The Sound of Darkness does exactly what its title conveys: it takes the readers deep into the soul where despair can live, where sorrow and grief can be found, and where the future might appear dark and foreboding. The Sound of Darkness is a collection of poetry in which the dominant, continuing theme is that of a solitary heart begging for an illuminating ray of light to enter her world. It casts the poet in her early, developmental stage, serving as a harbinger of Marcus' now-realized literary excellence, and also perhaps as an early introduction to a remarkable, prolific Canadian author and poet.

If you are one of Sharon Marcus' many admirers, take yourself back in time. The Sound of Darkness is time very well spent.

For more than three decades, Sharon Marcus has been a student and adherent of the teachings of the great Sufi master M.R. Bawa Muhaiyadeen who worked tirelessly, until his death in 1986, to bring unity, through knowledge and understanding, to the faithful of all global religions. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen, himself the author of dozens of books over his lifetime, spent his time on earth awakening and strengthening faith in God within people's hearts. Many scholars and religious leaders from the Islamic, Judaic, Christian, and Hindu communities consider him to be a true saint.

The Sound of Darkness
by Sharon Marcus
ISBN: 9780986948305


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