Foreclosure Fraud Victim Turns to Advocacy with Release of Book and Web Site to Educate Underwater Consumers About Homeowner Rights and Options

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Fastpencil, Inc. publisher of Consumer Advocate & Foreclosure Specialist Michael R. Bang's latest book "Walk Away - How To Strategically Default on an Underwater Mortgage" released along with website by author to help struggling consumers understand their rights and how to fight back.

Publisher Fastpencil, Inc. announces release of Consumer Advocate & Foreclosure Specialist Michael R. Bang's latest book; Walk Away.

As many Americans are facing difficult times after the recent and continuing market housing crash and economic downturn, some industry specialists are stepping forward to speak up for consumers and turn misfortune into an opportunity for education. This includes Michael R. Bang’s recently released “Walk Away—How to Strategically Default on an Underwater Mortgage.”

“The book goes into great detail about how the banking system works, how a mortgage plays into that system and the vast avenues available to a consumer underwater or facing foreclosure, from a loan modification all the way to how to simply walk away from a home if you can no longer afford to keep it and your sanity,” Michael R. Bang, Consumer Activist and Foreclosure Specialist from The Vortex Reality Vibration LLC., said. “Many homeowners are having their rights violated by the banking industry or their emplyees, it’s often illegal and shameful.”

Bang has been a licensed real estate agent for 10 years and a rental investor for over 15. He became a foreclosure specialist, selling properties for banks in 1999 and in 2000 launched Georgia Foreclosure, Inc., ( a site dedicated to providing investors and potential homeowners access to distressed properties on the market (properties owned and for sale by lenders after foreclosure has occurred).

He also became a well known expert in Atlanta on the standards and practices of by banks used to foreclose. In 2008 he was bewildered to see the amount of fraudulent tactics and misrepresentation asset managers were flagrantly using to foreclose. Examples included robo-signing, re-creating documents that had been lost, violating cease and desist orders or simply foreclosing on home they didn't even own. Often, had the homeowner been aware of the improper acts, and known how to fight back, the foreclosure could have been stopped dead in it's tracks thereby saving the home.

Since the 2008 housing crash, Bang has turned his expertise to consumer advocacy and has worked with individuals who are unaware of their options in the face of foreclosure.

“The mantra of the banks and their agents is that you have a ‘moral’ obligation to pay your mortgage when, in point of fact, it's nothing more than a contract which can be voided at any time,” Bang said. “This book is a ‘How To’ guide for personal well being and doing what's right for the individual and their family; it gives readers a sense of security and freedom to fight back.”

The companion website to Bang’s book,, (launched October 2011) provides detailed information on the foreclosure process of each state, sample documents and worksheets about foreclosure regulations, and a forum where homeowners can share their own foreclosure experiences and learn how to avoid being victims of fraudulent foreclosures.

Bang was inspired in part by his own experiences after a large bank illegally attempted to foreclose his home. To learn more about “Walk Away—How to Strategically Default on an Underwater Mortgage” and how you can avoid being a victim, visit


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