AU10TIX Announces New Machine-Learning System for Capturing & Authenticating Multi-Format Identifying Documents

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The new generation technology provides banks, Telcos, healthcare and public services with a much awaited customer-enrollment gateway, combining multi-document capture and authentication and real-time creation and sharing on integrated customer-records.

With FDI 6.0, enterprises and organizations have an end-to-end solution for fraud prevention and an ECM/eDRM gateway in one integrated, smart system.

AU10TIX Limited, a technology subsidiary of ICTS International B.V., announced the release of FDI 6.0 – a new generation, front-end customer enrollment gateway that integrates the capture, authentication and integration of the widest range of identifying enrollment-documents and interfaces with biometric inputs. FDI 6.0. incorporates patented machine-learning technology that sets new standards in handling non-standard and off-standard documents and in fraud detection performance. Now enterprises and public service providers have a complete customer enrollment platform that combines fraud prevention with an enrollment-documents gateway for ECM/eDRM systems.

The Hidden Loopholes In Customer Enrollment

Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Anti-Terrorist Financing (ATF), and fraud prevention regulations mandate the positive identification, clearing and recording of customers prior to carrying out of a series of everyday actions such as opening an account, withdrawing funds, enrolling to a new program, etc. It is estimated that in this country banks, financial services, Telcos, and other enterprises and service providers handle thousands such applications and action cases every single workday. Amazingly, much of these actions are still done manually… Unskilled customer service representatives are required to identify hundreds of types of IDs, Passports, Driving Licences, and other primary and secondary identifying tokens. They need to authenticate identifying documents that contain dozens of possible security features unseen to the naked eye, and not included in electronic chips or magnetic stripes. And they need to record often difficult to comprehend data into the enterprise systems. It is estimated that up to 25% of customer records are riddled with typos, missing-data, duplicates, etc. In addition, tons of often illegible and almost impossible to track document photocopies are archived and shipped around. This already creates a huge cost-factor and operating efficiency problem that only aggravates the damages of fraud and customer handling inefficiencies, and creates imminent regulatory compliance issues.

Many enterprises already deploy elaborate fraud-preventions systems that analyze transaction traffic at the back-end to detect irregularities or detect suspicious persons. These systems are as effective as the data they have, and often come into play only after the actual interaction with the customer. This leaved the front-end as a potentially weak link.

Many enterprises already deploy elaborate ECM systems that transform paper-based customer management to an electronic-record base one. Since much of the identifying document traffic is still manually processed, their records are too often “missing” or remain partial or inaccurate. This means that identifying document records are also a weak link in many ECM systems.
AU10TIX’s FDI 6.0 new offers a breakthrough in effective handling of identifying documents at the front-end both as fraud prevention layer and gateway to ECM systems.

Fdi 6.0 - Patented Machine-Learning Technology

Automated identity document authentication solutions are typically based on template recognition and dataset matching. Their effectiveness is dependent on their ability to read IDs, Driving Licenses, Passports, Visas, etc. that are often worn-out or that deviate from the official templates due to the use of different printer qualities, paper differences, etc. Older technologies are likely to have difficulties in reading or authenticating such documents, delivering false ruling or simply errors messages.

AU10TIX’s FDI 6.0 features new, patented algorithms that deliver far better document identification and forensics capabilities that translate to an ability to handle documents that other systems simply cannot. But even more than that, by incorporating smart machine-learning technology, FDI 6.0 is an auto-learning system that actually improves reading and ruling accuracy with every use!

AU10TIX’s FDI 6.0 has already been tested against a wide variety of “problematic” documents and against other solutions, delivering superior performance in detecting even elaborate fraud attempts and handling non-standard and off-standard ocuments.

FDI 6.0 - Multi-Document Handling Capability

Typical document authentication systems handle primary identifying documents (IDs, Driving licences, Passports, etc.). The more sophisticated ones handle also secondary identifying documents (Visas, work permits, etc.). These documents are captured with specialized “Passport scanners”. But in reality, customers are often requested to submit also supplementary identifying documents such as utility bills, council tax receipts, etc. These are much larger documents that can be scanned only with A4 or larger scanners, and these often use another application for processing.

With the introduction of FDI 6.0, AU10TIX, created a truly full-process, multi-document handling and integration platform. The new technology can process documents that have been scanned with anything from passport scanners to swipe scanners, from A4 scanners to scanner-copiers, and will in the near future even handle document scans “from files” that originate in databases or web interfaces.

The ability to process the widest range of identifying enrollment documents, cross-match them and integrate them into a single customer record portfolio, is a real game changing breakthrough.

With FDI 6.0, enterprises and organizations have an end-to-end solution for fraud prevention and an ECM/eDRM gateway in one integrated, smart system.

Cost-Saving Meets Operating Efficiency And Regulatory Compliance

AU10TIX’s FDI 6.0 redefines ROI with a compelling business-case. With a new level of fraud prevention capacity, FDI 6.0 stops fraud at the front-end and thereby cuts fraud damages and enables long-term regulatory compliance.

At the same time, the system’s multi-document processing capability saves tremendous costs in material, work, logistics and archiving, and makes ECM truly encompassing. By eliminating data gaps, errors and duplicates, it boosts operating efficiency in real-time.

About AU10TIX

AU10TIX Limited is a leading provider of document authentication and personal-ID verification solutions for more than 20 years. The company develops, customizes and implements solutions for business-critical environments such as airports, financial institutions, points of sales and service, law enforcement agencies, etc. The company’s applications operate in more than 90 countries worldwide, with ca. 75,000 front-end installations. In recent years, AU10TIX had diversified its long-year specialization in security and aviation to banking and financial services applications. AU10TIX is partnered with Experian, Star Alliance, General Electric, and other global leaders is various industries.

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