has been Impressively Described as the "YouTube, Craigslist and Groupon Love Child" and "Taking Internet Commerce to a new Level"

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More than 112 million Americans have used online classifieds, and about 20.7 million use them on an almost daily basis. is an innovative website that makes online video advertisements more accessible to local businesses and consumers. Vidable, Inc. focuses on local video classifieds, social media and local coupons. The Company is launching local video classifieds with the ability to create local coupons throughout North America that will improve vendors marketing reach and profits.

Thinking Global But Acting Local

What do you get when you cross online classified ads with web-based video and coupons? is equal parts Craigslist, Youtube and Groupon. A new way for businesses to reach out to consumers or for people to reach out to one another to sell their used appliances, automobiles, collectibles, concert tickets and countless other goods and services. “ combines the hottest internet trends in one, easy-to-use site: e-commerce, reviews, geo targeted videos, and everyone’s desire expand their reach.”
With a few clicks of a mouse, People can upload their own videos recorded on their camcorders, webcams, digital cameras or mobile phones. Ads are organized by category and location, and users can enter text descriptions, prices, thumbnail photos and tags along with their video clips. For best results, users are encouraged to engage their personality, creativity and sense of humor when recording videos. And who knows? One may well turn out to be the next average Joe or Jane launched into internet stardom. The service is entirely free, for now at least, though there may come a day when, like Craigslist, modest charges apply to select portions. improves on three of the top trends on the internet (videos, local classified ads and coupons) by combining them. It’s a smart new use of personal video, especially considering the number of people who are growing accustomed to using their cell phones or digital cams to create and upload their own videos. With local classifieds, video obviously a useful extra layer of information, especially when it comes to renting apartments or selling cars and other large items.

Classifieds sites are there a plenty but video classifieds site are very few Google the same and you will know what we mean. Studies revealed that consumers remember 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear and over 50% of what they see and hear. You will sell items faster with video ads. Video ads get a 71% bigger response than simple text ads.

Vidable is a Free Social local video classifieds along with the ability to let user's post reviews on various channels. Users can post classifieds via their mobile phones also. With a few clicks of a mouse, customers can upload their own videos, recorded on their camcorders, webcams, digital cameras or cell phones. Ads are organized by category and location, and users can enter text descriptions, prices, thumbnail photos and tags along with their video clips. Now we have added the main elements of Social networking for end users/advertisers to interact with each other and help in a better browsing experience. Want to give away something for free, in need of something, want to engage in a barter, want to post your video resumes, video portfolios ,video reviews, auto descriptions , want to post videos of your products/services and want to give away your luxury goods all this with the power of video. Interact with users and discuss classifieds and create social classifieds communities. Now, along with thorough product descriptions, users can show off their product even further. The goal is to provide the seller an opportunity to give a rich verbal and/or 360° description of their product, showing it from every angle, showcasing the product in use? Telling that special story behind the item and helping to make it stand out amongst the rest. These features are absolutely free and easy to use, providing yet another means to help connect buyers and sellers. People say a picture is worth a thousand words, so video must be worth a million.


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