New Lifeguard Umbrella Released That is 100% UV Resistant

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Lifeguard Master releases an umbrella that is 100% UV resistant. This new lifeguard umbrella blocks all UV rays while under its shade, allowing the lifeguard to stay alert and better focused on saving lives.

Believe it or not, even under the shade of an average umbrella, some UV does get through and it can get pretty hot sitting under the average umbrella. Now there is an umbrella that is 100% UV resistant.

On November 20, 2011, Lifeguard Master introduced its first 100% UV protected Lifeguard Umbrella.

This UV resistant lifeguard umbrella reflects sunlight, protects from damaging UV rays, and keeps your lifeguard up to 15 degrees cooler in the strongest sunlight. This is in comparison to most other umbrellas. For a closer look at this umbrella, please visit:

Why is it important for a lifeguard umbrella to be UV protected? Well, sometimes a lifeguard can stay outside on duty for a long period of time. And under an average umbrella, it can get pretty hot under there. Yes it can get hot, even though the lifeguard is under the shade of an average umbrella, ultraviolet rays can still get though to the lifeguard. While on duty, you want the lifeguard to be as comfortable as possible. So instead of the lifeguard’s attention being placed to make him or herself comfortable, all the attention can be focused on the water and the patrons in the water. This decreases the risk of danger and increases the safely of all the swimmers.

This is crucial and very important for most, if not all, of lifeguard’s focus to be spent on making sure people’s lives are safe, instead of anything else. This is especially important in a busy and crowded area. When there are a lot of people in a pool, beach or lake, things can get pretty crazy as far as activity. Especially when there are many, many people swimming or in the water. There can be a lot of heads and a lot of splashing. The swimming area can get crowded. The lifeguard’s focus must be lazar sharp. And anything that can distract the lifeguard less, and allow him or her to focus on the people, such as a Lifeguard umbrella that is UV resistant, is beneficial. For more info on this amazing umbrella, please visit:

This UV protection lifeguard umbrella can go in just about any outdoor facility, including swimming pools, lakes or beaches.

This umbrella also has a tilting action. It tilts to the moving sun, providing added and custom sun protection wherever the sun position might be at any given time.

Also, this umbrella is very stable in the outdoor wind. It has a vented system that lets wind pass between the double-canopy providing exceptional high-wind stability. Yes, that’s right, for high winds, this umbrella is equipped to handle that. Looks like it’s a win-win for this umbrella, UV resistant and wind resistant.

This umbrella is also weather durable, as it will be outside for a long period of time. It is made to withstand the elements of wind, rain, ocean water (if it’s by the ocean), and chlorine water (if it’s by a pool). This umbrella will last and will stand the test of time.

I’ve been a lifeguard for 7 years and know how important an alert lifeguard is on duty. Lifeguard master invites you to learn more about this product and visit us at:

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