Nitrite Not Detected In Edible Bird’s Nest Through Thorough Cleaning Process

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Pureness Bird's Nest,, has successful collaborated with the world’s renowned edible bird’s nest researcher and consultant in Malaysia, Dr Tan Boon Siong to produce nitrite free edible bird’s nest.

Pureness Bird’s Nest, a leading bird’s nest researcher and bird’s nest education company based in Singapore has successful collaborated with the world’s renowned bird’s nest researcher and consultant in Malaysia, Dr Tan Boon Siong to produce nitrite free edible bird’s nest.

“I am really proud to work with Pureness Bird’s nest to deliver the hard truth to the loyal supporters of Bird’s Nest. In my many years of consulting, no single bird’s nest company had taken so much effort in ensuring the quality of the product to be 100% cleaned! The wholesalers or traders that I worked with are first concern about the price of bird’s nest before asking about the quality and the process of production of the bird’s nest. Pureness bird’s nest had impressed me by asking and ensuring that the cleaning process and production methods to be the top priority before anything else. For that, we are able to collaborate to create the breakthrough accomplishment of producing nitrite free bird’s nest for our value consumers!”

According to Pureness Bird’s Nest, the large numbers of bird’s nest consumers are largely pregnant mothers, children and elderly. It is therefore important to have a 100% pure cleaning process to ensure that the bird’s nest produced are free from heavy metals, dirty particles, chemicals and definitely free from sodium nitrite.

Excessive amount of Sodium Nitrite consumed can promotes the generation of nitrosamine, a carcinogenic substance (that may cause cancer). Another side effect of excessive sodium nitrite is the lack of one oxygen molecule; it is therefore very oxidative and can draw away oxygen from blood stream. Victims may have symptoms like; blue lip and blue hand. Pregnancy mothers who take excessive amount of Sodium Nitrite are therefore exposed to high risk of having pre-mature baby, due to the lack of oxygen in the blood.

Pureness Bird’s Nest once again swear by their mission to be a trusted, respected and ethical birdnest industry leader that excels at providing the highest quality of 100% pure bird’s nest to their customers.

Pureness Bird’s Nest was founded on 2009, when it first started to share with people about the hard truths about bird’s nest. Their expert bird’s nest researchers constantly provide the latest updates on bird nest information so as to keep their customers abreast on the bird nest market. Ensuring that their customers get the genuine chemical free bird’s nest is the top priority on their customer satisfaction list.


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