While Campaign 2012 Fervor Fills the News Cycles, Economic Policy Analyst, Curtis Greco, Says “The Debt Super Committee Didn’t Just Fail….”

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Lost in the chatter over the Debt Super-Committee’s failure to achieve its objective lies a very serious collateral problem; the vaporizing of the pre-approved Debt Ceiling increases. Political Economic Analyst, Curtis Greco, in recent op-ed states that “A whole new round of Political Pandering is about to be unleashed! The next $500 Billion is tied to a Presidential request (2/3rds required to overturn) while the 3rd Increase is tied to further Spending Cuts none of which occurred. At the current burn-rate of $200 Billion/month – did Congress buy Obama enough time?” The Imperfect Messenger Foundation’s position remains clear: When Politics functions apart from Principal then it serves no purpose but its own.

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When Politics funcitons apart from Principal then it serves no purpose but its own.

The Imperfect Messenger Foundation echoes a recent statement by Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) who stated that "The failure of the super committee means it is time for the real committee, Congress, to act. Congress cannot delegate hard decisions any longer. Doing nothing will lead to the outcome both sides fear, massive tax increases….”

On a recent On-Air visit with Host Pat Campbell of KFAQ Radio, which followed segments including both Senator Coburn and Senator Inhofe, Curtis Greco made an even more striking observation; “Pat, there are several critical issues which are not making their way to the lexicon of sound-bites being passed on to the American Public and here are just a few; (1) The Committees formation breached the representative parity that is the essence of American Democracy and the essential and foundational element of Congress. (2) The basis for the creation of the Committee was the established mandate of Cuts no less equal to the increases in the Debt-Ceiling all of which was tied to automatic cuts in order to license further request for the remaining two, pre-approved, increases. All of which leaves us with the following question: Considering the Federal Governments Burn-Rate of $200 Billion per month, the fact that the DSC has predictably failed and the current approved Debt-Ceiling limit is fast approaching; has Congress and the President knowingly set the stage for a certain monetary collapse which they are clearly neither capable nor prepared to address? I believe they have and I’ll make it even more clear, I believe the DSC was torpedoed by the Dems in an attempt to save Obama.”

Many, like Super-Committee member Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa), seem to agree with Greco’s assessment; “That goes to the asymmetry of the incentives and I think there was something to that,” the Senator remarked. “The president’s fundamental campaign message was to run against Congress never mind the fact that half of Congress is controlled by the Democrats, but that’s his purpose, and certainly an agreement in this committee would have stepped on that narrative for the president.”
Greco’s Policy Analysis is direct and to the point; in a recent article, Falling Over the Finish Line, he target-centered his critique: “To cover the tracks of failure the concubines of excess will not favor actions aimed at correcting past mistakes; they prefer instead to do more of what has proven to expand the domain of failure. This is an acutely interesting observation when one considers the present state of the political, social and economic environs of our nation where every failure is not associated with the proven inadequacies of underlying policy but explained instead as being the consequential result of having insufficiently applied the ever-elusive elixir of extreme excess. We have not only institutionalized a need to fail, we have institutionalized the methods by which it has become a perpetual occurrence.”

The Foundation’s analysis of the Debt Super-Committee’s failure concludes that this Nation is not years away from Financial and Structural Government Collapse, this Nation is in the midst of it! In an interview with Joe Galuski of WSYR, shortly have the DSC failure was announced, Greco was asked by Joe Galuski to “explain the risks” and here is what he had to say: “The failure of the DSC is global in nature, it represents the efficiency by which the politicizing of government gives way to the lowest possible common denominator and solidifies for the world to see the means by which all once great nations ultimately collapse. What are the risks Joe? Here they are in bullet form:

  • The U.S. and many of the States are headed for the same financial firestorm identical to that of the E.U.
  • More and more, to circumvent Congressional Vice, you will see the increased use of Committee Rule being used to re-engineer Congress and many State Governments.
  • It is entirely possible that External Committee functions, perhaps orchestrated by the Federal Reserve by way of the IMF/World Bank, will be implemented. This is, in effect, what is occurring in the E.U.
  • The American People, already disoriented by the failures of Government and their own economic depravity, will be told, not unlike the former Bail-Out of Wall Street, that there is no choice but to accept the concessions made by Congress and the President. The Public will not be given a choice.

I do not believe the tide will wait for a 2012 Election and in fact, I believe that the Interest who are best served by this Conversion-by-Crisis will not want to risk opposition offered from the initial love-affair of a newly elected President operating from a sense of political obligation to a populist referendum. The die has been cast.”

Greco’s articles can be seen with regularity in various publications however feel free to source and view each of his commentaries online at The Imperfect Messenger Foundations website.

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