Roemer Hires to Manage Twitter Campaign

Presidential candidate Buddy Roemer announced today that his campaign has engaged the services of, pioneer of political campaigning on Twitter.

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Roemer’s Twitter campaign will be unique. It will be transparent. Our work will be open, shared and publicly accessible on the web.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) November 30, 2011

“Twitter epitomizes all that is right in America: transparency, dialogue, and an open forum for citizen debate. God bless social media.” Presidential candidate and former Louisiana Governor Buddy Roemer sent this tweet on October 11th. Roemer is running his grass roots campaign on maximum donations of $100 per person, making Twitter a natural campaign vehicle.

“Governor Roemer’s Twitter campaign will be unique. It will be transparent. Our work will be open, shared and publicly accessible on the web,” said Zach Green, CEO of Green sees the collaboration between his company’s political work on Twitter and the Roemer campaign as a natural outgrowth from their mutual support of the Occupy movement. “Since Roemer began tweeting in support of Occupy Wall Street, he has become one of the most retweeted candidates. We want to build a community for supporters of his already successful message, and transform them into effective advocates.”

Roemer's Campaign Manager, Carlos Sierra, sees the partnership as a critical next step. "This is very exciting for us," said Sierra. "Twitter has been an invaluable tool for Buddy in the absence of any nationally televised debates. Social media, and Twitter in particular, have made it possible for Buddy to connect and communicate with supporters and members of the media in very engaging, meaningful ways." Carlos added that Buddy wholeheartedly believes in the power of Twitter and it's ability to amplify his message. "Like Buddy always says: 'You can take away a man's stage, but you can't take away his voice.' Twitter has kept Buddy's voice in the debate." has pioneered the use of Twitter for the 2012 Election, including real-time tracking, strategic analysis, and the first Presidential debate on Twitter. 140elect builds and boosts political campaigns on Twitter using a combination of custom tools, metrics, and strategy.

If you'd like more information, or to schedule an interview, please call Zach Green at 650-644-6688 or e-mail Zach at 140elect(at)gmail(dot)com




Pioneer of political campaigns on Twitter. 140elect Logo

Pioneer of political campaigns on Twitter.