Money Morning’s Martin Hutchinson Releases Startling New Eurozone Report

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The chances of a Eurozone collapse are rising by the day. And investors who aren’t prepared for the coming crack up in the EU are risking their portfolios. According to Martin Hutchinson’s new Money Morning report, the looming collapse of the Eurozone could happen 3 ways, each with its own strengths and weaknesses – and each requiring a different strategy to protect investors.

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The Eurozone has a 40% chance of collapsing in the next year

The Eurozone has a 40% chance of collapsing in the next year, according to global investing strategist Martin Hutchinson.

With Greece already on the ropes, a larger country, like Italy, Spain or France, finding itself in the same situation could be all that’s needed to push the European Central Bank (ECB), and the Eurozone, over the edge, says Martin.

The ECB, he goes on to say, will soon run out of bailout funds… or any funds, for that matter.

The European Central Bank has a capital of $14.6 billion. To understand just how small that is in the world of government banks, the Bank of England will drop more than ten times that ($193 billion) just on its most recent round of economic recovery initiatives.

With such small funds at its disposal, the ECB can do very little if any of the “Big Three” (Italy, Spain or France) begins to teeter. To rescue those much larger economies, the Eurozone will have to beg for more bailout funds from its taxpayers, beg its member states to print money to pay the debts… or both, says Martin.

The EU can’t afford either of those options. They could trigger astronomical Eurozone inflation. And according to Martin, the Eurozone will begin to fracture as a result.

But the way the Eurozone fractures will determine how fast and how well Europe recovers in the next few years… And each possibility will mean very different advantages and weaknesses for investors, says Martin.

Learn the three possible results of the Eurozone economy crack up in Martin Hutchinson’s new report for Money Morning.

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