Tips to Organize Your Home - Organization Makes Sense Goes To The Dogs

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Tips to organize your home for pets and the messes they create. Organization Makes Sense now offers home organization ideas for canine clutter control, clean up for pet messes and strategies for control of doggy odor. The website that suggests that control is the goal of all home organization efforts, now offers tips for how to organize a home for the dogs and other non-human family members.


Tips to Organize your Home for Pets

When pets are people too, then home organization should go to the dogs!

Tips to organize your home for pets and the messes they create are now part of all the helpful advice offered at the home organization website Organization Make Sense.

The research is pretty clear that pet ownership can help to reduce stress and provide meaning in human lives. However, owning a pet brings with it some unpredictability, and then there are all those supplies that will need to be stored and organized.

"Home organization only makes sense if everyone in the family is organized and that includes the four legged family members," says Beverly Hansen OMalley. "Pets won't organize themselves so it is up to the human family members to set up the structure and systems needed to keep things under control in the house."

Bev is the owner of, the home organization website that suggests control is the ultimate and overarching goal for getting organized in the first place.

"Control is the goal of all organizing efforts and that includes trying to organize family pets and their supplies and activities," says Bev, "and of course being prepared for the unpredictable that is important too!"

Advice on the website suggests that pets need order and structure just like humans do, so structuring their day with regular times for feeding and walking will let family pets know what to expect and will also provide regular times for the other things that pets do every day.

Besides creating a structured and ordered day, other tips to organize your home for pets offered on the website include instructions for how to launder pet bedding in order to prevent flea infestations and doggy odor as well as tips for keeping pet supplies safe and at the ready for the daily walk. Just like the supplies needed for people, when there are pets in an organized home there has to be a place for everything and everything has to be returned to its place.

And what about those other things that pets do? "Well if they do them indoors you have to be prepared with the right supplies and take care of pet messes right away." says Bev. "Taking care of pet messes as soon as they happen will keep the house smelling like a human house and not a dog house."

http://www.organization makes sense has literally "gone to the dogs" because anyone who has a dog knows that if any animal in the house is out of control things can soon become chaotic. A house meant for human living can quickly turn into an animal house if things are out of control.

So offering tips to organize your home for pets and the humans that live there just makes good sense.

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