Cyl-Tec Installed CO2 Beverage System For Winter Events at Colts Stadium

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Cyl-Tec designed, provided for and installed the entire nine tank cryogenic CO2 beverage system for the new Indiana Colts stadium.

Beverage Carbonation Cylinders

Beverage Carbonation Cylinders

The playoffs are stirring around the corner for the NFL. The college bowl season is among us which means another favorite American pastime is among us as well, having fresh, cold beverages with loved ones. Though the classic image many have of such in-game refreshment involves enjoying a beer from the tap with friends, it can just as often amount to a quiet moment spent sipping a bubbling soda pop with one’s children, nephews, or nieces. Fortunately, advances in beverage carbonation cylinder technology that have been led by Cyl-Tec now ensure that every drink that’s drawn from a tap or fountain at a sports stadium or other public venue will always taste crisp, smooth, and fresh. Cyl-Tec has designed, provided for and installed the entire nine tank cryogenic CO2 beverage system for the new Indiana Colts stadium.

In particular, the widespread construction of new football, baseball, and other athletic complexes at the professional, college, and even high school levels throughout the 1990s and 2000s has led to a new standard in patron and concessionary services. Many of these recently completed and planned stadiums, for instance, were developed to make locations dedicated to providing food and drink more accessible to individuals of all age groups while they, simultaneously, introduced utilities that raised the standards for every consumable served. This means that many recently-completed stadiums have had their concession stands built around beverage carbonation cylinders like Cyl-Tec’s Fast Fill 500, which is the industry-leader in cryogenic CO2 storage. Capable of keeping up to 500 lbs of liquefied gas cool and ready for use with dispensing or carbonating drinks, the Fast Fill 500, along with other Cyl-Tec cylinders that are designed to store pressurized, liquefied gas, is an ideal match for the dispensing needs of many ballparks and stadiums, including those at the college and high school level, because it can help pour drinks quickly and for extended periods of time without having to be refilled. This is due to a capacity for higher vaporization that allows for more gas per volume that, in turn, means venues, be they concert halls, pubs, or stadiums, can serve more people, faster, and with better tasting drinks than anything else on the market.

Most of America’s sports and other athletic facilities date back several generations, though. Because many have become a part of the history of the teams they host, these older sites are also unlikely to undergo modifications or reconstructions that might change their basic layout. The fans that migrate to their bleachers every autumn, however, can still enjoy the convenient beverage dispensing services that products like the Fast Fill 500 and other Cyl-Tec beverage carbonation cylinders provide. This is because Cyl-Tec’s team of experienced beverage carbonation engineers specializes in developing beverage distribution systems for older buildings as well as newer ones. With relative ease, they can inspect any school or professional team’s stadium, talk to vendors, administrative officials, and facility management staff about the venue’s specific needs, and then design a system that can deliver fresh, cold beverages to patrons in convenient, economical ways. Cyl-Tec can even provide the technical support and continuing analysis that’s needed to maximize the value of an advanced beverage carbonation system for years to come.

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