Extentech Upgrades Open Source Spreadsheet Server - Sheetster Server Version 4.1 Includes Best-in-Class Spreadsheet Fidelity and Dynamic SVG Charts

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Extentech Inc., a pioneer in the development of open source spreadsheet software and web services, today announced an upgrade to version 4.1 of its innovative Sheetster Server PRO. The first commercially available open source web spreadsheet server. Sheetster Server PRO 4.1 provides the convenience of collaborative, web based Excel-compatible spreadsheets with enhanced security.

Sheetster Open Source Spreadsheet Server


We continue to improve the product, so it retains it's position as the top open source spreadsheet solution available for the enterprise.

Users who need to export spreadsheet dates to PDF can now do so in high-fidelity. The upgrade boosts Sheetster Server PRO’s memory performance, allowing enterprises to work with large and demanding spreadsheets. The 4.1 upgrade also improves the speed of Sheetster spreadsheet grid loading times, as well as significantly boosting productivity with advanced new data auto-fill and paste-fill capabilities. Sheetster PRO’s scalable vector graphics (SVG) output was rebuilt from the ground up to no longer depend upon JavaScript libraries and to use native SVG generated directly from server-resident Charting objects. This has greatly improved render speed and spreadsheet performance and load times, allowing users to build even more compelling and dynamic data charts directly into web content. Along with these major enhancements, are many Excel compatibility and internal enhancements including several new formula functions implemented in PRO 4.1 such as: NORMINV, NORMSINV, NORMDIST, NORMSDIST, and ERF.

“When released this summer, our Sheetster Server PRO offered business users unparalleled power and flexibility,” said John McMahon, Extentech founder and CEO. “We quickly set about implementing the core improvements requested by users, and our PRO 4.1 introduces several key enhancements that improve user efficiency and give them access to important new features such as better SVG charting. We will continue to improve the product so it retains it's position as the top open source spreadsheet solution available for the enterprise.”

Sheetster is fully compatible with Excel and other similar desktop programs and allows users the freedom to collaboratively edit, share, redistribute, embed, download and customize their spreadsheets without compromising data or being subjected to the limitations of other offerings.

As a Java based application server, Sheetster Server PRO will run on a variety of hardware and operating systems both virtual and physical. Linux, OSX, and Windows installers are provided for immediate download and complete installation. Sheetster Server PRO 4.1 also includes one full year of support for all point and version upgrades.

Sheetster PRO 4.1 is available for immediate download at http://bit.ly/Download_Sheetster_Pro.

About Sheetster PRO
Initially developed by John McMahon in 2006, Sheetster was the first open source web spreadsheet and server. Sheetster PRO offers the most cost effective, customizable and secure choice for businesses to manage, share and edit spreadsheets online.

About Extentech
Extentech, Inc., headquartered in San Francisco, CA, is a leading developer of Java integration and spreadsheet tools that help corporate decision makers, developers and business users maximize ROI by leveraging spreadsheets and Web 2.0 technologies. Founded in 1999, Extentech Inc. provides state-of-the-art spreadsheet automation, integration and business intelligence tools for IBM, JPMorgan,the Nielsen Company, Toyota and hundreds of companies worldwide.

For more information, visit http://www.extentech.com.

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