Wrag Gear New “Think” Set To Support Individuals & Families Affected By Men’s & Women’s Diseases

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Acknowledgement of people who cause us to think and rethink.

Today Wrag Gear announced two new designs into its Wrag lineup. “Re-Think Pink” and “Think Blue Too” are new Cause Edition Wrags that aim to bring more (and different) attention to diseases that afflict women and men. Rather than follow existing campaigns, as noble as they may be, these designs are specifically created to get people to think and step beyond various motions like wearing ribbons without really thinking about those who are affected and their families. Sporting an “X” and “Y” as the chromosomal designation of women and men, these designs are colorful reminders people can carry every day.

“As we were thinking about how we might support the men and women (and their families) victimized by life-threatening diseases, we realized that it’s easy for some people to lose sight of the real people affected,” said Chris Cerasoli, Wrag Gear’s Art Director. “We are not trying to dissuade people’s support to various charities, but are just asking them to reflect on the ultimate purpose and to think or re-think beyond the widely publicized motions what else can be done that can make a real difference to the people that are most in need.”

As part of its new design launch, Wrag Gear is announcing a select list of “Thinkers” – people who, in a wide range of areas, cause everyone to think, or re-think, about things we often take for granted or overlook.

The Wrag Gear Thinkers are:

Dr. Laura Schlessinger
Dr. Laura is known to millions from her syndicated radio show and her staunch advocacy for ethics, accountability and personal responsibility and serves as a constant reminder to “re-think” one’s actions and responsibilities.

Ellen DeGeneres
With a broad smile and quick wit, DeGeneres caused some prime-time television viewers to “re-think” how they viewed some people. A staunch anti-bullying advocate, she continues to cause people to think.

Conan O’Brien
Late night talk show host, O’Brien delivered the commencement address to the 2011 class of Dartmouth College. “There are few things more liberating in this life than having your worst fear realized” was certainly something for graduates (and everyone else) to think about.

John Ondrasik
Ondrasik, who performs as “Five For Fighting”, is unique in his unabashed support for the US military. Through his music, Ondrasik is able to make people think about the individual men and women who serve our country.

Margery Eagan
A writer for the Boston Herald, Eagan wrote “Color Me Sick of Pink” as Wrag Gear was finalizing its “Re-Think Pink” design and timely demonstrated that we were not alone in our reasoning.

Dr. William Bennett
Former presidential cabinet member, author and radio host, Dr. Bennett is a modern day philosopher who writes and speaks extensively on history, virtues, and, with his latest book, “The Book of Man: Readings on the Path to Manhood”, again causes us to think.

Kevin Sharp
With his credits like award-winning vocalist, entertainer and speaker, Sharp is most importantly an inspiration to those stricken with cancer.    Diagnosed with a rare bone cancer while in high school, Sharp is living proof to re-think dire circumstances.

Each of these Thinkers will be sent the “Re-Think Pink” and “Think Blue Too” Wrags as a token of appreciation for their efforts. New Wrag Gear Thinkers will be announced periodically and listed on the Wrag Gear website – http://www.wraggear.com/thinkers. Nominations for Thinkers should be sent to info@wraggear.com and should include details of why the nominee is worthy of the distinction.

About Wrag Gear
Wrag Gear is a new company established by parents and young people who are looking for ways to restore a sense of style, decorum and class back to people. With its initial products, Wrag Gear updates classic handkerchiefs to make them more appealing to younger people and to provide them with another way to express themselves.

All Wrag Gear products include a lifetime limited warranty. Available directly from Wrag Gear at http://www.wraggear.com. Follow us at facebook.com/wraggear and twitter.com/wraggear.


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