Put 35 Years of Star Wars Under Your Tree This Christmas

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Star Wars Treasured Memories and New Discoveries: 12,000 Color Star Wars Collectibles Photographs in One Book. Geoffrey Carlton's sixth book on Star Wars collectibles crosses the ten-year mark; the longest current Star Wars identification guide series in print. Available now. Put 35 years of Star Wars under your tree this Christmas! From the owner of StarWarsGuide.com...

Star Wars has the cultural staying power to withstand more than three decades, ingraining itself into the global lexicon and popular cultures. Very few people come through their childhood without at least a close encounter with the films, if not also with toys and merchandise from the franchise. In the 1970’s the first generation of fans were overwhelmed with the selection of t-shirts, posters, lunch boxes, puzzles, and an impressive twenty-one action figures to collect. Today the vintage selection of merchandise is recognized as being barely the tip of the proverbial ice berg. StarWarsGuide.com brings you the story.

By one collector’s count, the current number of collectible Star Wars items produced so far exceeds 65,000 pieces. That collector should know. He’s Geoffrey Carlton and Mr. Carlton has had six identification and valuation guides on Star Wars collectibles published.

2012 is a big year for Star Wars. It’s the 35th anniversary of the original film release, and the Star Wars Super Collector’s Wish Book series turns 10 years old. “I was ten when I saw Star Wars for that fateful first time,” muses Geoffrey, “and now my books have been coming out for ten years. It’s quite a milestone for me as a collector.”

The book lives up to its name as a wish book, providing fans a glimpse into the hazy past and catching them up to the present with 464 full color pages in a hard cover format. “People will sit for hours thumbing through the pages recalling all of the things they used to own, seeing how much they have or haven’t appreciated in value, and marveling at all the things they never even dreamed were produced. More than fifty countries are represented so the books give you a chance to see items that were never available where you live,” explained Geoffrey.

The sixth book was just released in August and it marks a new chapter in the evolution of the series. Editions from 2002 through 2009 were all-inclusive of products. The 2011 book started a new approach. Mr. Carlton again, “We had been facing the undeniable fact that the sheer volume of collectibles and photographs couldn’t be compressed into one book any longer. The book’s page count had been determined when there were only 39,000 items. You can’t expect to cram 25,000 more items in and expect them all fit without condensing descriptions and cutting content. Fortunately, that’s not the direction Schiffer Books decided to go. Instead of compressing the listings, they decided to expand the book into two volumes; one for ‘general merchandise’ and another exclusively for ‘toys’. It really highlights their respect for the community. While other publishers are getting away from print, Schiffer (Books) is standing solidly with us.”

The Star Wars Super Collector’s Wish Book’s general merchandise edition, available now from most book stores and online book sellers, lists over 24,000 items in the four and a half pound book. Its range is summed up by the back cover blurb, “From the 1976 pre-release movie paperback through the latest Clone Wars kitchenware, thirty-five years of exciting and obscure Star Wars collectibles are archived here for you to discover, marvel over, and enjoy.”

Mr. Carlton confides, “No matter how new a title is, people are always anxious to get their hands on the ‘next book’. I’ve got some great news. They don’t even have to really be that patient. Traditionally the books have been coming out about 2 years apart, but not this time. The toy edition has already gone to the publisher and I expect to see it on the shelves in early to mid 2012. ”

The premise behind the library of editions to date is that every one is unique in content selection and design. While some other collector titles may be available for years on end with multiple reprints, the Star Wars Super Collector’s Wish Book turns over every 18 to 24 months as new merchandise to be documented floods the market and collector demand sells out the copies in print. It’s not uncommon for fans of the series to go back and recollect missed past editions for each of their exclusive content.

Geoffrey Carlton is no ordinary catalog author. His years of passionate Star Wars super collecting has made this title into a must-have curio and reference. With the August release date of this latest edition and Christmas retail sales already breaking historical records, the unsurpassed quality of this detailed book of Star Wars treasures makes it a certain hit Christmas gift for even a casual fan of the saga or the modern Clone Wars expansion.

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