Exercise Expert, Jared DiCarmine, Demonstrates in New Fitness Program Which Exercises for Love Handles Are Most Effective

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Exercise expert, Jared DiCarmine, has established a new fitness program that shows which exercises for love handles are the most effective. After countless hours of study and practice, this proven program is now available online at http://www.TheLoveHandleCure.com.

Exercise expert and owner of Ideal Fitness Trends, Jared DiCarmine, has launched a new program to educate individuals about exercises for love handles. In fact, he personally used the program to lose 24 pounds of excess abdominal weight from his own body. After trying many different exercise programs and diets, he was able to lose the weight and so have his clients.

After graduating from Springfield College with a degree in exercise physiology, Jared DiCarmine realized that he was in fact overweight. This was especially true around his lower abdominal region. Most people simply refer to this area as love handles. Working as a personal trainer, he knew that he had to lose the weight. He also wished to help his clients lose their love handles in order to be successful.
After studying the various scientific literatures on effective fat burning methodologies, DiCarmine cracked the code to the love handle mystery. Most trainers and fitness experts simply use the wrong approach, suggesting that their clients use simple cardiovascular training and diet to lose weight around the love handle area. DiCarmine found that these methods either did not work or took way to long for most people to obtain the desired results.

As for himself, DiCarmine was able to lose his love handles in only six weeks. Through the use of a specialized exercise regime and nutrient partioning, DiCarmine proved that it was more than possible to lose belly fat in a relatively quick amount of time. This is in direct contrast to many traditional exercise programs where months may pass with little or no visible results.

After studying the scientific evidence and through actual trial, DiCarmine and his clients have seen great results. In fact, his clients are so happy with their own progresses that he knew he had to make this revolutionary new program available to a wider audience. Therefore, DiCarmine put together a complete workout and dietary program specific to the elimination of love handles. This program is now available at http://www.TheLoveHandleCure.com.

“The Love Handle Cure” is available for immediate access and download at DiCarmine’s new website. Included in the program is everything that an overweight individual needs to finally lose stubborn love handles. The program has a full training manual including exercises for love handles, diet manual, supplement manual, charts, grocery lists and much more. Anybody who decides to get rid of their love handles and follows DiCarmine’s program is promised to see immense and immediate results.
Individuals who are interested in losing excess lower abdominal fat are invited to visit, http://www.TheLoveHandleCure.com.


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