Demographic Data Helps Start Ups Compete and Succeed

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New data available through assists startup businesses in deciding where to locate and makes data previously much harder to obtain now as close as a click on a mouse.

At our simple mission is 'Local Search Made Easy.', a comprehensive guide to local US data, now offers at no cost to users a rich and thorough set of detailed information on cities, towns and neighborhoods throughout the United States. As a tool for small business, the wealth of statistics freely available on has proven a valuable resource, especially for start-ups looking for detailed intelligence on their target markets.

Businesses looking for community data previously would have had to access multiple sources, some of them costly and time-consuming to sort through, to obtain the same level of information that is now available for free from a single interface on Gary Millin, president of World Media Group, provider of and other high profile web properties, said “We aggregate a very wide sweep of data, in a very transparent fashion. We believe in the importance of data in decision making and wanted to make data available to others through in a way that is powerful yet also very accessible. While there are tremendous amounts of data in the public domain it is quite segregated and hard to find. At our simple mission is ‘Local Search Made Easy’. So if you are researching, for instance, the number and location of preschools in Bedford, Michigan, or heating costs in Rochester, New York, you can find such information in a matter of seconds at”

Help for professional service start ups
Suppose you are a young professional, perhaps a doctor, an attorney, or an accountant looking to start your own practice in a state. You might want to research what counties in that state have rising, versus falling populations, because people new to an area may be looking for a new doctor or accountant, or an attorney to draft wills and handle real estate transactions, whereas an area that has declining population may have fewer people without established professional relationships.

Then you would want to research which counties have rising, as opposed to falling income levels among their population. The counties with both rising population, and rising income, would be the short list of counties most propitious for a new professional practice.

Help for start-ups dealing in fresh goods or local produce
The same data would be useful to an aspiring baker looking to open his own doughnut shop, or a landscape gardener looking to start his own family landscaping business. Especially for businesses selling things like fresh baked goods, food, flowers, landscaping, or other local produce, location is still the most important external determinant of a business’s success or failure. Internal factors, such as the quality of the product, and the owners skill as a salesman or business planner, matter more than anything, but still not enough to overcome some external factors, and the most important of these is often whether or not there are enough customers in your relevant market who can and will find you, and purchase your product.

Better demographic data helps reduce start-up business risks
An out-of-work tradesman, who used to work with a big-city contractor, may need to start working for himself, because of lack of work with his former employer. He, too, will want to research where in the country are the most housing starts, and the most people with rising incomes, because that is where he will likely find the most opportunity to practice his trade, and receive a livable income for doing so.

In today’s climate of uncertainty, with more big and small employers unwilling to take the risks associated with hiring full time employees, more individuals are starting business for themselves. It is their good fortune that they now have business intelligence and demographic data collected and available to them that was never easily found before.

Gary Millin said: "It is immensely satisfying to be supplying something that people really need; that they will use to make their businesses more successful and their lives better. For decades a critical advantage that better funded companies had over smaller operators was the depth of resources needed to research markets, to know what locations might be rocky soil for the enterprises they were looking to establish. Many areas that look promising, are not. You won’t sell a lot of baby gear to senior citizens, nor dentures to college students. If you are going to sell children’s toys, you probably do not want to locate in a neighborhood with a falling population of families with young children, even if it does have lovely parks, schools, and libraries.”

Demographic search tools accessible through are now available to supply demographic data to the family owned startup and other businesses, which once was not so easily available. does not itself compile demographic or regional data; it is a sophisticated data accumulator that relies on some of the country's most reliable data from government and private sources. This aggregation model means that a single search of USA .com brings to the searcher faster to a more relevant and more complete response for their search. What this means is that, whatever other location or market research an aspiring business person or family does before selecting a location, is likely to be part of their search as well, because this powerful data accumulator is going to help them assure that significant demographic factors bearing on both opportunity and risk have not been overlooked.

About is your local guide to cities, towns and neighborhoods in the United States, making information previously hard to find available to its visitors in one fast, simple-to-access location. Offering comprehensive data on schools, demographics, incomes, travel, crime and the environment, makes “local search easy” for consumers and businesses. New information is continually added to keep the site fresh and relevant. is a publication of World Media Group, LLC (“WMG”), a privately owned company not affiliated with any government or municipal authority. Focused on providing innovative websites in the travel, professions, search, local and e-commerce verticals, WMG develops sites at premium branded domain names such as,, and More information is available at and other WMG websites.


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