Investment Website Releases Information to Help Investors Looking to Buy Gold Coins

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Wholesale Gold Group unveils an investment kit for new precious metal investors.

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Wholesale Gold Group helps investors buy gold coins.

Gold and silver investment website has added new information to its website to help guide investors that want to buy gold coins. The content is designed for new investors that are trying to make sense of the often conflicting gold and silver investing information on the internet.

Visitors to the site's homepage will see an article written by site head Michael MacDonald discussing the historical precedent of gold coin investment. The article notes that the only currencies that have stood the test of time have been precious metals, such as gold and silver. MacDonald touches on why he decided to discuss a 21st century issue --currency devaluation-- by delving into ancient history: "Although many people see the current financial crisis as something new, similar crises have rocked the local and world markets in the past. Underneath nearly all of these financial meltdowns was the excess use of fiat money to pay off debts and keep governments afloat. Seeing a bit of history can help bring a clarity of perspective among the murky cacophony of financial and investment-related information out there. In addition to helping those interested in buying gold coins, we also want to help educate the investment community on issues that matter to them."

Why did MacDonald and the Wholesale Gold Group team decide to add new content to the website? According to MacDonald, he regularly received feedback from site visitors and customers reporting that they were confused about whether they should buy gold coins or invest elsewhere. The new site content is aimed to help guide investors in the right direction in their investment strategies. According to MacDonald, "Some site visitors stop by with their wallet out, ready to buy gold coins. However, many site visitors are still unsure about how they should invest their hard-earned money. We want to help them make the best investment choice for them, which is unique to each individual."

What investment opportunities does MacDonald consider best for the current turbulent times? MacDonald reports that purchasing physical gold and silver -- in the form of gold coins, silver coins or bullion -- is ideal: "Gold and silver are two natural resources with a finite supply, unlike the paper money that world governments continue to print like there's no tomorrow. Silver in particular is a resource that is commonly used in a number of industries, including high-tech electronic and in weapons manufacturing. Like oil, new silver reserves aren't consistently found even as demand skyrockets. What gold and silver have in common is that they are both becoming more valuable as government-issued currency values continue to nosedive. Whether one decides to buy gold coins or invest in another precious metal, many investment experts agree that now is the time to stock up on gold and silver."


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