Pilots’ Airborne Blackouts Link With Author’s Chemical Find

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Liz Speirs’ new e book, The Panic Free Steps, releases Pilots’ evidence of Panic Attacks and Blackouts in the air due to Chemicals in Drinks.

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UK Author of The Panic Free Steps, Liz Speirs, sought answers for her unresolved 29 years of Panic Attacks & Anxiety by gathering scientific evidence from controlled laboratory tests, that chemicals and additives in drinks and foods were the source of these symptoms, rather than the ‘stress and anxiety’ label the medical system relies on completely.

Permission was given to Speirs to print letters from pilots, who flew with major airlines, who found that their drinks were setting off panic attacks whilst they were flying, resulting in some of them blacking out and that there was an unwritten rule in a pilot training school to only drink water on a flight, due to a dangerous mixture of air pressure and chemicals in drinks.

Speirs was propelled to seek her own conclusions after refusing more therapy suggestions from her doctor for her symptoms at age 39. She found at least 8 trigger chemicals and additives that brought her panic attacks and other symptoms on in minutes. Some took longer and gave her attacks that woke her through the night. She found that one particular sweetener was very reactive to her and is found in many foods and drinks.

More evidence, which backed up the findings, was found in scientific laboratory tests, which revealed that controlled tests had been done which induced panic attacks and anxiety in humans through certain chemicals and gases which are in our daily foods, drinks and the environment.

According to Speirs’ new book, The Panic Free Steps, when people have panic attacks, they feel ‘spaced out’, their adrenalin rushes are high while their body reacts and tries to cope with the triggers. It feels like a heart attack, a racing heartbeat, pins and needles down one side, breathing problems, nausea, dying and they have confused and sometimes psychotic thoughts. After the attack, exhaustion mixed with relief that it’s gone, sets in. By the time they get to the Doctor or the emergency room, the panic has subsided a bit so it is a difficult job for medics to diagnose at that point. Panic can mimic various illnesses and a Doctor will be able to eradicate other possible causes.

Downloads of the book are available at Panic Free Steps which describe the author’s ‘horror’ years, the steps taken to eradicate panic attacks, anxiety, agoraphobia, claustrophobia and compulsive disorder completely through diet and environment, coping strategies, stopping the attacks at the onset, the pilots’ letters and the scientific evidence to finish. Also available at Amazon Kindle.


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