TempWorks Announces All-New Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Online Support System Generates Instant Responses – And Feedback

When a customer of TempWorks sends an email to the TempWorks support staff for any reason, the new online customer service program known as Voyager will immediately generate a response and a ticket number. When that case is closed, the TempWorks customer will have the opportunity to rate the performance of the TempWorks customer service representative, providing instantaneous feedback on the interaction.

“Ultimately it’s not what we think of our support reps, it’s what our customers think, that is important,” says Kevin Prow, TempWorks support analyst, who is a core part of the Voyager development team. “Now we know, and our reps know, how they are doing on a day by day, and even call by call basis. They can get that initial feedback right away. It also allows our management team to go from being reactive to more proactive on behalf of our customers.”

Depending on their answers to the questions, if a customer is not happy following an interaction with a member of TempWorks support staff, the survey will expand to ask some additional questions. Those include being asked if they would like a manager to get involved. If the answer is yes, it generates an email to the manager that in turn brings an instantaneous response.

“From a support perspective we simply didn't have a good way to measure customer satisfaction,” states Melanie Kramer, Vice President of Client Services for TempWorks. “We have seen other companies use a survey and we wanted to make it as easy as possible to fill that out while at the same time be able to collect valuable data. Further, there is also an opportunity through Voyager for customers to tell us about what features and functionality they might want in future software, so it really opens up the lines of communication with our customers on lots of levels.”

The survey itself is divided into several different categories. The first part asks a broader, more general question about the customer’s satisfaction with the company as a whole. If that TempWorks customer isn’t satisfied, then why not? Is it product offerings, is it customer service, is it something else?

The second part follows the customer’s interaction with a particular TempWorks support rep, asking what they thought of that person. Were they friendly, knowledgeable, responsive, professional and so on?

The third part is a free text field with a space for general comments.

If a customer doesn’t have any specific action items, then that is the end of your survey. Quick and easy. But again, if the customer is less than satisfied in any way, it expands with a checkbox says Prow.

“We are identifying what we need to do as a company, in terms of future software offerings. We are also identifying what individual service reps need to do in order to achieve the best possible customer service. So it’s two different types of metrics. And from those metrics we can build and improve.”

Of course we all have bad days, and if a support rep is less friendly than they should be during a customer interaction, and they receive a single star for friendliness, they have the opportunity to improve their attitude on the very next call.

Conversely, if they are getting top scores for friendliness and responsiveness, it’s like a pat on the back that will likely make them feel really good and reinforce that behavior.

“We consider this Voyager introduction to be just the first step, a living project if you will,” Prow says enthusiastically. “We don’t know what we don’t know. As we begin to receive these surveys I’m sure it will shape our questions in the future and guide us as to what to ask and just how to ask it. This project has been a long time in development and I think will really benefit us – and our customers – when it comes to service and support. Generating feedback is critical to the future path of this company and I couldn’t be more excited about Voyager and the ability to do just that.”

Benefits of TempWorks Voyager

  • Customers receive instant status reports of their support tickets
  • Support reps receive instant feedback on their customer engagement
  • Management can respond to problems immediately
  • Customers get a voice about future software and product offerings
  • Customers also get the chance to voice an honest opinion minus the face-to-face communication and/or confrontation
  • TempWorks management and front-line staff now have actual ongoing customer feedback in a standardized formula about how a particular rep is doing, as opposed to opinions

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