AMRESCO’S RiboZol™ ME (Micro Enriched) RNA Isolation Reagent Enriches Small RNA Content in Total RNA Isolates

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Improve yields of small molecular weight RNA, including miRNA, by substituting specially formulated RiboZol™ ME (Micro Enriched) for standard organic RNA isolation reagent.

Enrichment of small RNAs using RiboZol ME. Total RNA was extracted in triplicate from K562 cells (2.79x10E6 cells) with RiboZol™ RNA Extraction Reagent (N580) or RiboZol™ ME (1B1304). RNA pellets were resuspended in RiboReserve™ RNA Storage Solution (N633). Heat-denatured RNA samples (10 µg) from both purifications were electrophoresed on a 2% Agarose I™ (0710) formaldehyde gel.

The discovery of myriad roles for small RNAs in gene expression has increased demand for products capable of isolating them in high purity and quantity. With the success of all downstream applications dependent upon sample integrity, selection of the RNA isolation method is critical. AMRESCO offers RNA isolation and purification reagents to suit diverse research objectives, including phenol-based RiboZol™ RNA Extraction Reagent, RiboZol™ Plus RNA Purification Kit and a Phenol-Free Total RNA Purification Kit. Now AMRESCO offers an additional choice, RiboZol™ ME (Micro Enriched), a variation of the widely popular RiboZol™ RNA Extraction Reagent.

Like its predecessor, RiboZol™ ME follows a simple protocol whereby a variety of cell and tissue types can be homogenized directly in the single phase phenol solution, minimizing degradation of RNA by RNases. In contrast to RiboZol™ RNA Extraction Reagent, RiboZol™ ME is specially formulated to enrich the RNA sample with small molecular weight RNA while reducing the concentration of large molecular weight RNA. Although the sample ultimately contains both large and small RNA, they are present in a ratio that is ideal for miRNA discovery without sacrificing the ability to simultaneously analyze large molecular weight RNA.

RiboZol™ ME is an excellent alternative to standard phenol-based and column-based extraction methods for small RNA. For an affordable price, the RiboZol™ ME yields high quality total RNA enriched with small molecular weight RNA. The isolation protocol is simple, completely scalable and requires no additional steps or time compared to typical total RNA extraction with organic reagent. RiboZol ™ ME works with most tissues and the isolated RNA sample is compatible with all common downstream RNA applications, such as qPCR and Northern blotting.

For more information about RiboZol™ ME (Micro Enriched) or any other AMRESCO products, visit or call 1-800-829-2805.

AMRESCO is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality biochemicals and reagents for molecular biology, life sciences, proteomics, histology and clinical areas of research. The company is ISO certified and has QSR compliant facilities to ensure customers receive the highest quality products.


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