Air Feathers has Gone to the Dogs-Literally! Your Pet Can Now Sport the "Glitter Queens" Tinsel Extensions this Holiday Season After a Simple Stop at a Dog Grooming Shop.

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Trying to tie a strand of the popular hair tinsel is almost impossible on a human, much less a family pet. Air Feathers has come up with an easy and safe way to let your pet sport Holiday Cheer after a trip to a Creative Dog Grooming Salon.

Dog Groomers can take it to the next level with Air Feathers Dog Applicable Tinsel and fantasy finds.

One of Bullet Browns Standard Poodles shows off Air Feathers Cruelty Free products. Air Feathers also has a cruelty free and No Kill line as well.

Air Feathers and Extensions have gone to the dogs-Literally!

Airie McCready, founder and president of Air Feather Extensions has let her business go to the dogs-literally. Almost every product she carries is now available for Professional Groomers to use in their Dog Grooming Salon's or Spa's.

The "Glitter Queens," the new product by Air Feather Extensions, are a small bundle of tinsel that has been developed to go in with a microlink in a safe and comfortable way.

"We just released them to the market for people," says McCready, "and the response has been overwhelming."

After doing research on the product and what it's made of, McCready feels she has compensated for the difficulties associated with regular tinsel.

"Most human clients complain that the tinsel slips off, or that it takes so long to install," says McCready. "As a hairdresser myself, I can tie those knots as tight as I can, but they still don't always stay." And dogs? "Tinsel, " says McCready," is considered a health hazard for pets, so the chance of a piece sliding off a pet and being ingested is too high to even consider."

And so were born the "Glitter Queens." McCready has been developing the product for quite awhile to make sure that the way the bundle is held together is safe and non toxic, and that the tinsel in it is strong and cannot be easily broken or even chewed. Of course this is a product that should be installed and removed by a professional only, and used with common sense.

Dogs all over will be sporting glittering ears, topknots and tails this December, and not being the worse for it.

"A little Christmas cheer goes a long way these days, and a be-decked pet is enough to make anyone smile," says Amy "Bullet" Brown, founder and president of The National Association of Professional Creative Groomers, "and this is one of my favorite items from our line with Air Feathers. We would not put our logo on it if I didn't feel it was an amazing product."

Glitter Queens come in every color in the rainbow, and along with crystals, colorful extensions and cruelty free, no-kill feathers are available for groomers nationwide starting today.

While many products on the market claim to be safe and kind, Air Feather Extensions and the NAPCG have put together the only truly cruelty free No-Kill Extension and Feather system for dogs. Now pets can parade their best look while being treated and decorated with kindness and compassion.

"Any Groomer can really spice up their groom with these products," says Mandy Florez, Art Director at Air Feathers, " They don't have to belong to the NAPCG, but it's an outstanding group. And like our extension products for people we price them so they can be affordable and fun for all."

McCready's now famous Air Feathers product "Fairie Feathers" are the only truly cruelty free, no kill feather extensions on the market today. Her line for Salon Professionals has been extremely popular and has set the standard for animal safety

The Mission statement of the NAPCG states that while it exists to serve groomers, the most important goal for the organization is to protect the animals.”

For more about Air Feathers and the NAPCG, or a Creative Groomer near you, go to:

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