Life-After-Death, Love-Ever-After, Sex-After-Death: In a new book, a widower claims that his late wife made love to him from the Afterlife to heal his inconsolable grief.

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The belief in life-after-death is becoming more accepted and, according to recent surveys, 74% of Americans believe in some form of an Afterlife. Along comes a shockingly candid memoir by I. J. Weinstock about his sex-after-death experience that will test the faith of the most ardent believer and give hope to the millions who’ve lost a loved one.

From the Afterlife, the author's late wife, Joy, led him on what he describes as “a healing journey” which ultimately included “ten sacred, sexual, supernatural encounters" that he calls the "Rites of Joy."

In his mind-blowing memoir, "JOYride: How My Late Wife Loved Me Back To Life" (DreaMaster Books), author I. J. Weinstock claims that his late wife, Joy, communicated with him from the Afterlife and ultimately made love to him to heal his inconsolable grief.

“I know it sounds crazy and I don’t blame people for being skeptical,“ Weinstock says. “If I hadn’t experienced it myself, I’d have a hard time believing it, too. But I was graced with what I guess you’d call a ‘miracle,’ so I have to testify to it.”

Weinstock—who’s been an actor, producer and author (his last book was published by Simon & Schuster and featured on The Phil Donahue Show)—says that he and his wife, Joy, “were soul mates and our love was like a fairy tale. So when I lost her to cancer, I was devastated and didn’t know if I wanted to go on living. Then a miraculous thing happened—in the depths of my grief she began to communicate with me from the Afterlife.”

According to "JOYride," the spirit of the author's late wife led him on what he describes as “a healing journey” which ultimately included “ten sacred, sexual, supernatural encounters" that he calls the "Rites of Joy."

When asked to describe these sexual Rites of Joy, the author was reluctant to speak about it in detail. “It’s difficult to talk about things that are beyond words." Weinstock responded. "Without the experience, we don’t have the language. We can’t even conceive of it. That’s why I had to write a whole book about it. If someone is genuinely curious, they should read "JOYride." If they do, they'll have their ideas about life and death, love and loss, and even sex expanded.”

After being pressed about these extraordinary paranormal encounters with his late wife, the author relented and via email offered this description of the Rites of Joy. “It’s said there’s nothing so healing as the human touch. Imagine the touch of an angel, imagine the touch of your departed loved one who wants nothing more than to comfort you in your terrible grief. Words can’t do this kind of touch justice. The word that comes closest is 'adoration.’ Being touched in the most loving 1001 different ways...from the gentlest tenderness to the most sublime sensuality. This heavenly touch invoked visions, triggered memories of our life together, and sent me into shuddering ecstasies. In these Rites of Joy I experienced an out-of-this-world touch—a transmission of love from the Afterlife which heals the broken heart and soothes the shattered soul.”

Weinstock went public with his story, despite the risk of ridicule, because he believes it will bring hope and comfort. “I think the possibility of communication with our loved ones has untapped healing potential for the millions who are grieving the loss of their loved ones.”

Gratified by the positive response his book is receiving, Weinstock says, “It’s worth all the skepticism when a mother who recently lost her 22-year-old son to a drug overdose writes me that reading JOYride was like a ‘holy absolution’ that gave her permission to heal.”

“JOYride: How My Late Wife Loved Me Back To Life” is available on Inspired by his extraordinary experience, Weinstock works with the bereaved and has written a forthcoming book about how to heal from the loss of a loved one.

The author's late wife, Joy Mitchell Lisker, wrote her own memoir, "LOVE EVER AFTER: How My Husband Became My Spirit Guide" (DreaMaster Books), which chronicles her conversations with her previous husband, Bob Lisker, after he died. Joy's daughter, rock star Terri Nunn of the band Berlin, sang the Oscar-winning hit song "Take My Breath Away." Joy's stepson, Bruce Lisker, spent 26 years in prison for a crime he did not commit and was the subject of a recent 48 Hours Mystery episode, "The Whole Truth."

Weinstock, who lives in Los Angeles, recently spoke at the local “Sex and Culture” Lecture Series. He’s been interviewed by the CBC in Canada and other radio programs around the country. For more information and to hear an in-depth interview on Fox News AM 1130 go to


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