Financial Success Institute Announces it has Formed a Panel to Study the Real Estate IRA and Report Back its Findings

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The Real Estate IRA may be the right alternative for today's middle class investors. The vast majority of Americans have no chance of building a sustainable retirement account when they invest with Wall Street. The Real Estate IRA Strategy is being touted as a wealth-building alternative. The Financial Success Institute aims to find out if the real estate IRA is a worthwhile option for investors with retirement funds.

One of the themes we repeat all the time here at the Financial Success Institute is to think for yourself and to look outside of Wall Street for your financial wellbeing.

Is the real estate IRA a worthwhile alternative to stocks, bonds and other traditional IRA investments? The Financial Success Institute, an organization dedicated to helping Americans retire through more actively managing their savings, announced today that it has convened a panel to research the subject and make a determination on the suitability of the real estate IRA for the majority of investors.

CEO and Managing Director of the Institute, Richard Geller, said today, "Real estate values have fallen as much as 46% in the United States. People hoping to retire are looking for good value from real estate via the real estate IRA. We aim to find out if the real estate IRA is worthwhile for retirees who understand the risks and who are willing to be more active using a real estate IRA they control.”

Geller said that "Wall Street has offered very low returns since 2000 and 2011 is delivering more negative returns. According to our studies, stocks have fallen 42% on an inflation adjusted basis since 2000. Yet, investors are now finding they can purchase real estate to rent out or sell it on a note for very substantial cash flow. Can this cash flow be funneled into a real estate IRA or real estate 401K? We are going to investigate and make a recommendation for our subscribers."

The Financial Success Institute said it's investigating whether the real estate IRA is fit for many investors. If so, the real estate 401K may even be a better fit.

“The real estate IRA has some real advantages,” Geller said, “at least in theory. Cash flow and profits compound in a tax deferred vehicle and are available at retirement. But a real estate 401K may even be better.”
According to Geller, a real estate IRA may empower investors by circumventing the conflicts of interest existing at every level on Wall Street.

Geller said, “Your financial planner won't offer a real estate IRA. They only offer financial products they profit from. Ask your financial planner about a real estate IRA strategy and they will tell you either they know nothing about it or it can't be done. That's why the Financial Success Institute is investigating the real estate IRA.”

Richard Geller warns everyone that will listen "One of the themes we repeat all the time here at the Financial Success Institute is to think for yourself and to look outside of Wall Street for your financial wellbeing. We will find out for our subscribers if a real estate IRA is a viable alternative because Wall Street has no interest in this research."

Geller goes on to say "Alternative resources other than the real estate IRA or real estate 401K includes information about Should you consider a real estate IRA or are there better options."

“The Occupy Wall Street movement makes a very good point about the 1% controlling 42% of our wealth. However, the real estate IRA and other strategies may provide Americans with methods that take back control of their financial future starting today.”

Geller said that the Financial Success Institute has convened a panel including a well-known tax attorney and a pension consultant of national renown. “We are coming to some pretty interesting conclusions about the real estate IRA,” Geller said. “These will be released shortly in the form of a free Special Real Estate IRA Report.”

Geller believes that the real estate IRA or perhaps the real estate 401K may allow individuals to own residential rental properties, high quality mortgage notes, and even apartment buildings.
“The question is, can a real estate IRA invest in almost any asset an individual believes will earn a sustainable profit and is a prudent way for people to invest their retirement? If so, who should think about opening a real estate IRA, and who is better off leaving their money with Wall Street,” Geller said.

You can learn more about both the real estate IRA and 401K along with other important retirement strategies, and stay current with developments about these subjects with resources provided by Financial Success Institute.


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