Trauma and Resiliency Resources, Inc. Launches End-of-Year Fundraising Campaign to Support Warrior Camp - a Healing Retreat for Returning Combat Veterans with PTSD

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Trauma and Resiliency Resources, Inc. has launched an end-of-year fundraising campaign to enable us to hold a pilot Warrior Camp for returning combat veterans from February 26-March 4, 2012. This camp will use the combined integrative and clinical modalities that have been proven to be extremely effective in healing trauma: including EMDR, equine assisted psychotherapy, yoga, and healing story, supplemented by group and individual talk therapy.

Soldiers Together

He's a Marine. Maybe he just woke up this morning and realized his body is the enemy. You know, marines know what to do with an enemy...

For all too many of our young men and women who are returning from combat, the deadliest war is not on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. It is within their own families, communities, and within themselves. Shockingly, the suicide rate among returning combat veterans is higher than the death rate in combat.

Often, returning home from war is so difficult a transition, a veteran may even wish to be back in combat. Bravely, he or she may try to repress the storm and get on with life. But the returning veteran is no longer the same husband and father, wife and mother that they were before deployment. War has changed them -- forever. Desperation grows, until one night a 6-year-old tugs at a pants leg once too often, and the combat veteran throws a plate. Breakdown begins.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is in some ways a misnomer. In fact, the trauma of war is not "post" -- but present; an indelible condition in the soul; a living ghost in the bedroom, at the lunch counter, on the highway. The "disorder" is the remnants of war carried home to a society where there's no place for expression, release, or witness; no platform on which to rebuild; only a culture whose language and psychology are inadequate to the ordeal from which they have returned.

How can people who have been through experience at the furthest edge of life begin to fit back into an ordinary world? How do they find their way back into families, jobs, communities that knew them as a person they once were, but that no longer exists?

Not possible, without some kind of decompression process.

TRR, through its end-of-year fundraising campaign, is committed to alleviating the loneliness of return and to responding to the need for transitional programs to help veterans tell their stories of war, grieve their losses, and begin the arduous process of rebuilding their lives.

Our program is designed to embrace our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, guardsmen and reservists without further wounding them. We know that the way in which a trauma survivor is responded to and cared for in the aftermath of the trauma is, at times, more significant to their healing than the original event or events.

The mission of Warrior Camp is to create an environment in which the trauma of war can be addressed. The camps are week-long retreats located in serene and secluded locations that foster the development of a close-knit community within which healing can occur. They include a healthy balance of trauma therapy, relaxation and leisure activities.

The clinical team consists of several EMDR clinicians, a team-building activities leader, an equine psychotherapy team made up of two or three people (plus horses), a yoga instructor, and a healing story facilitator.

Without this treatment, these warriors will likely continue to suffer from PTSD, and be at high risk for suicide. We need $60,000 to pay for food, lodging, arena fees and clinical services for 12 active duty warriors from Warriors in Transition Units (WTUs) across the U.S. This amount comes to $5,000 per warrior for the initial camp.

The pilot decompression camp will be held in early 2012 at the Minnewaska Lodge in Gardiner, NY (about 75 miles N of NYC) - the equine sessions at the camp will be held at Gardnertown Farms in Newburgh, NY - a few miles from the Lodge.

About TRR:
Founded in 2004, Trauma and Resiliency Resources, Inc. (TRR) is dedicated to assisting traumatized individuals connect with trauma-related resources, including therapists with advanced training in this area.

Its mission is to provide:
a) multi-faceted trauma intervention and on-going support services to individuals who have experienced severe stress or trauma as a result of line of duty responsibilities, including, but not limited to: uniformed and non-uniformed workers who responded to the World Trade Center attacks, military service personnel returning from duty, uniformed workers responding to emergencies in the routine execution of their job responsibilities, and the families of all of the above;
b) outreach, information and resources to impacted individuals and their families;
c) information and guidance to clinicians working with these individuals;
d) referrals to follow-up services when necessary. TRR is dedicated to assisting traumatized individuals connect with trauma-related resources, including therapists with advanced training in this area.


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