Journey Healing Centers Announces Holiday Depression Prevention Tips

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For the 21 million Americans ages 15 to 44 impacted by depression each year, the holidays can be overwhelming with the extra pressures to have a perfect life. To assist individuals and families dealing with holiday blues, depression and addiction temptations, Journey Healing Centers (drug and alcohol treatment centers) releases new Holiday Depression Prevention Tips. These reminders are based on Journey Healing Centers holistic healing approach that re-focuses clients on healthy practices for the Mind, Body and Spirit year-round.

At a time when drinking, drug abuse and depression soar over Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years, Journey Healing Centers announces Holiday Depression Prevention Tips that can give the Gift of Peace of Mind. Many of Journey Healing Centers ( clients, who enter treatment to overcome addictions, also deal with depression. To ensure both issues are addressed, the licensed doctors and therapists specialize in dual diagnosis treatment at Journey Healing Centers. Jaime Vinck, JHC’s Clinical Director states, “During this time of year, holiday blues are often more appropriately described as situational depression, and can be significantly reduced by following these three prevention tips”:

1.    Face Depression and Addiction Realities as a Family
2.    Avoid Emotional Drains that Reduce Productivity
3.    Replace Addictions with Healthy Habits

1. Face Depression and Addiction Realities as a Family - While no one wants to face something unpleasant over the holidays, it is far better to address depression and addictions than leave things alone with family members. Lisa Lannon, Co-Founder of Journey Healing Centers, did an intervention/ultimatum with her husband after Thanksgiving that saved the marriage 10 years ago. Lisa explains, “Let your loved one know how much you care, share the great qualities they do have, explain that their addiction and depression is getting in the way of a healthy life, and discuss treatment options.”

2. Avoid Emotional Drains that Reduce Productivity - To avoid holiday depression, Journey Healing Centers recommends avoiding energy drains. Simply by choosing more positive friends, a positive environment, and uplifting activities, it can reduce depression. Lost productivity for U.S. workers is estimated to be in excess of $31 billion per year due to depression, which can be reduced by avoiding these 7 energy drainers:

a. Avoid Alcohol - Alcohol can exacerbate any feelings of situational depression while drinking, and even the day after. Many use alcohol to numb the pain or sorrow of depression when it actually makes it worse.
b. Avoid Sugar Binges – Eating too many cookies and cakes can create feelings of lethargy, similar to an emotional crash.
c. Avoid thinking about the past or future – Stay in the moment to keep peace of mind. If opportunities come up to talk to family members about challenges, then talk about the solutions instead of just focusing on the negative side of it.
d. Avoid over-spending – The rush of giving extravagant gifts can backfire with depression when the bill arrives after the holidays.
e. Avoid resentments - Holding resentments is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Invite Uncle Bob to a holiday dinner even if there was tension last year. Look at what can be done before family gatherings to let go of the tension. Clearing emotional space will make for a more pleasant time with those family members.
f. Avoid comparisons to others – Looking at another’s life can result in unnecessary bitterness.
g. Avoid denial of feelings - Acknowledge sadness, and prepare to make changes in the New Year. Acknowledging feelings starts the healing process, holding them in can cause disease in the body making the depression worse.

3. Replace Addictions with Healthy Habits – In addition to avoiding energy drainers, recognizing weaknesses and replacing them with positive activities is another great way to stop holiday blues. Journey Healing Centers focuses clients on holistic healing for the mind, body and soul. Instead of drinking that bottle of wine, try a yoga or art class instead. Over the holidays, volunteering to help those less fortunate is also very therapeutic.

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