Financial Success Institute Releases Preliminary Findings of Expert Panel Studying the Real Estate IRA

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The Real Estate IRA Study's preliminary conclusion is the real estate IRA definitely offers Middle Americans an alternative and superior investing option over time worn traditional investments... but the real estate 401K is likely even better.

Our preliminary findings are rather astounding in that a real estate IRA opens an entire world of investment possibilities.

A real estate IRA should be a strong consideration for investors wanting to take a more active role securing their financial future according to the preliminary findings of the Financial Success Institute's Real Estate IRA Study. The real estate IRA comes with a plethora of investment options not available through conventional investing in stocks and bonds.

Richard Geller, CEO and Managing Director of the Institute, says "With the real estate IRA study nearing completion, preliminary findings indicate investors willing to actively manage their real estate IRA are more likely to free their funds from Wall Street and greatly increase the probability of retiring rich. Our preliminary report is being made available with this press release because Financial Success Institute subscribers and others need this critical information to stop hemorrhaging their retirement funds through traditional investments by switching to a real estate IRA."

According to Geller, "Our preliminary findings are rather astounding in that a real estate IRA opens an entire world of investment possibilities. However, more actively managing a real estate IRA doesn't have to become a full time job. Investors can own a shopping strip center inside a real estate IRA or a apartment building inside a real estate IRA. The primary objective of a real estate IRA should be reliably feeding passive income into your real estate IRA every month."

Geller continues his warning about risky investments, "Corporate stock values are affected by everything going on in the world, from the price of oil in the Middle East to the political instability in Washington D.C. A real estate IRA empowers investors with the ability to control their retirement future at the local level. Middle Americans understand Main Street in their home town and house rentals in their own neighborhood much better than the ever changing global social-political environment."

Along with the preliminary real estate IRA report, the Institute released the informative article "Real Estate IRA - A Good Idea or Not?" This is a must read for our subscribers wanting to better understand the benefits and advantages that come with a real estate IRA. The article details how investors will greatly reduce the complexities associated with traditional investments with alternatives they understand and control through a real estate IRA.

Additionally, Geller says "The preliminary real estate IRA study finds this retirement account allows almost limitless investment opportunities. The real estate IRA is not limited to only real estate. It can also own an operating business, invest in high yield tax lien certificates, or invest in hedge funds the way wealthy individuals do. It's conceivable a real estate IRA can also hold a mortgage note."
Geller lists other benefits attributed to the real estate IRA as "Capable of investing in inflation resistant tangible assets, directing reliable tax free income into real estate IRA accounts where earnings continue compounding, and most importantly providing immediate access to your own assets with full decision-making authority. By reading the preliminary real estate IRA study, people become much more aware of their investing alternatives."

Lastly, Geller points out, "The expert panel based study learned a recent CareerBuilder survey found 6 out of 10 Americans over age 60 have postponed retirement due to the impact of the U.S. financial crises has had on their savings. It's very clear that Middle America will benefit with a real estate IRA. However, our study is not complete. Although the Financial Success Institute finds it prudent to release this Preliminary Real Estate IRA Report today, the final report is not due out until later this week. It's highly likely the expert panel will recommend the real estate 401K as being superior to even the real estate IRA."


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