Jared DiCarmine, Well-Known Fitness Expert, Proposes New Approach To Help Individuals Learn How To Get Rid Of Love Handles

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Jared DiCarmine, well-known fitness expert, has launched a new program that instructs individuals how to get rid of love handles. The new program entitled, “The Love Handle Cure,” dispels a number of fitness myths and effectively allows individuals to rid their bodies of belly fat once and for all.

Jared DiCarmine, well-known fitness expert and owner of Ideal Fitness Trends, has started a new exercise program called “The Love Handle Cure.” The programs purpose is to assist individuals in losing excess belly fat. DiCarmine’s new program takes a brand new approach to the problem. Using new techniques and a novel approach to the love handle problem, he has gone directly against other fitness expert’s advice and has seen stupendous results from his program.

DiCarmine said that, “There are a lot of myths out there about the best way to lose love handles. Many of these myths are perpetuated by other fitness experts. My program, “The Love Handle Cure” goes against conventional fitness advices and actually gets results.” His program dispels the various myths and actually teaches people how to get rid of love handles.

The first myth is often advice given by trainers that individuals must perform cardiovascular exercises in order to lose belly fat. DiCarmine has found that this is simply not true. According to his research and testing, simple cardiovascular training might actually force the body to retain stubborn fat deposits. Cardio workouts cause the body to release cortisol, which has the direct effect of eating away at the body’s muscles, not the fat. This is often why marathon runners are extremely skinny, but sprinters are very well built on a muscular/fat level.

The second myth that DiCarmine uncovered was the fact that low-fat diets often have the undesired result of actually increasing individuals’ weight. This is due to the various artificial chemicals that food manufacturers put into their products. These chemicals are often addictive and create a negative effect on the body when more calories are actually consumed.

Finally, he drives out the myth that one must perform crunches and sit-ups in order to lose lower abdominal weight. DiCarmine found that this is simply not the case. “Practically every supposed expert demands that their students use crunches in order to work off belly fat. This is simply a myth that often causes bodily harm to individuals lower backs and also causes muscle tears,” said DiCarmine. Using a new approach to exercises that utilize excess post-exercise oxygen consumption strategies, people who wish to learn how to get rid of love handles never need to perform another crunch or sit-up again.

DiCarmine lays out his entire program at his new website, http://www.TheLoveHandleCure.com. Individuals are invited to view the complimentary video about his program and learn how to finally get rid of love handles effectively and wisely.


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