- 10 Ways To Feed Birds, Not Squirrels This Winter

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New Ways To Deter Squirrels - Squirrel Proof Feeders And Baffles Are The Easiest

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Squirrel Proof Feeder offers 10 Ways to Feed Birds, Not Squirrels. Squirrel proof feeders and baffles are the easiest way to deter squirrels but it takes a coordinated effort to be successful. And, then success is dependent on how resourceful the squirrels are.

It is costly and frustrating to feed squirrels that play havoc on bird feeders. As we all know, squirrels have this amazing way to get into and trash feeders due to persistence and ingenuity. They can monopolize the feeder (and a “bird” feeder becomes a “squirrel” feeder) and eat all the wild bird seed.

10 Ways to Feed Birds, Not Squirrels from

1. Locate bird feeders so squirrels can’t leap on the feeder. For example, away from the roof or gutter of the house, a tree, off the deck, wires—they can leap 10 feet and navigate along a cable wire effortlessly as well as climb bricks. They can leap 10 feet horizontally, jump vertically five feet and can drop 10 feet.

2. Put red/cayenne pepper in your bird feed. It won’t hurt the birds but it will deter the squirrels. Don’t touch your eyes until you wash your hands.

3. Use safflower seeds, nyjer/thistle seed and natural or hot pepper suet which are not favorites of squirrels. Tube nyjer bird feeders are also less attractive to squirrels.

4. Explore the various types of squirrel proof feeders. Tube feeders enclosed in wire cages can be effective especially with nyjer seed that allows songbirds access while keeping squirrels at bay.

5. Consider weight-activated feeders that close the feeding ports when the squirrel lands. They are metal and weather and squirrel resistant and may be pole mounted or hung.

6. Battery operated squirrel proof feeders that flip, dip, tip, and whip squirrels off your feeder. These are effective and generally more expensive.

7. Baffles can be effective for feeders placed on a pole at least six feet from the ground. A 18” baffle or a torpedo baffle, should be placed 1 ½ feet below the feeder. If you have a hanging feeder, mount the baffle on the top which also protects the seed from rain or snow. However, make sure with a top mounted baffle that the only way the squirrel can reach the feeder is from above and they can’t leap from the side or from below. There are also 22” baffles for 4 x4 post mounted feeders. Some bird feeders come with baffles built in.

8. Suspend a feeder on a wire between your house and a tree, or between two trees at least
12 feet off the ground with PVC pipe at each end. The PVC pipe will act as a baffle.

9. Feed your birds seed in small doses. The squirrels come, eat their fill and then are less likely to come back frequently. Of course, this works only if you have a few squirrels. If you have more than a few, they can camp out on your feeder. And, it’s not squirrel proof but can reduce your seed loss to squirrels.

10. Buy a squirrel feeder and place it away from the bird feeder. Hopefully, it will distract the squirrels allowing the birds to eat at their feeder. is Located in Clarence, NY Outside Buffalo And Offers Over 1100 Bird Products Including Squirrel Proof Feeders, Hummingbird Feeders, Purple Martin Houses & Gourds, Bird Feeders, Bird Houses, Bird Baths, Garden Art, Bat & Owl Houses, Garden Flags, Butterfly Feeders, Live Mason Bees, and Honey Bee Supplies.


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