It Takes Two to Tango, is it all Alec Baldwin's Fault?

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During the holidays people tend to be more on edge, could that have played a role in the dispute between Alec Baldwin and American Airlines stewardess. The use of Smart Heart Skills and Dialogue derived from Dr. Bonnie Weil could have calmed this heated situation till each party could handle rationally.

In a recent CNN story regarding a "Rude" Alec Baldwin booted from an airline ( the story appears to be very bias and that could be due to the past of Alec Baldwin. Although Alec Baldwin has been known to have some anger management issues he has worked very hard to keep them under control. Could it be that American Airline stewardess was overly stressed because of the rumors that the airlines may be going bankrupt? She may have been on edge and lacking her normal patience. Not to say he couldn't be more validating and said "I get it, I will shut my phone off in a few min, thanks for the heads up". that is what we call Smart Heart Skills and Dialogue. The theory created by Dr. Bonnie that she teaches her patients, when we validate a person and walk in their shoes. We finish what we are doing but we acknowledge what the other person is saying. It would have also been good if the stewardess used the Smart heart skills and dialogue as well and perhaps said "I understand you are trying to finish something, but others may not turn their phones off if they see that your not turning yours off." Alec Baldwin is a role model, this is why we are so fascinated with what he does. We are in awe over someone wealthier and more known than we are. Actors, celebrities etc, they are in the news and they set a precedence for other people.

The holidays also tend to bring out the worse as people are overwhelmed, overburdened, money issues, its not an excuse but we need to take a deep breath and walk away. Dr. Bonnie says "When a person feels on edge, overwhelmed or heated they should count to 10, then come back when they are more calm and can speak rationally. We should always apologize if we are out of line and remember everyone can have a bad day. Don't judge someone on one thing."

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