Survive A Deadly Encounter: Mental Training Now Available For Armed Citizens

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United States Concealed Carry Association, the Nation’s Ultimate Concealed Carry Resource, in collaboration with Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, is proud to present an exclusive new training series, “The Bulletproof Mind,” that provides any armed citizen with the mental training needed to survive a deadly encounter.

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It is the software in your head and your heart that matters.

United States Concealed Carry Association is proud to partner with Lt. Col. Dave Grossman in presenting the exclusive new training series “The Bulletproof Mind.” This type of mental training is normally reserved for elite police and military personnel, giving them the mindset they need to survive a violent world and potentially violent attacks. For the first time this mental training is available to any citizen who has decided to conceal and carry guns.

This is not the standard fare found in gun safety courses. For the past fourteen years, Lt. Col. Dave Grossman has trained special ops forces, federal agencies and cops in all 50 states to survive and endure the violence in the world today. Now he has taken this experience and created “The Bulletproof Mind,” a 5-disc training set, specifically for US citizens who choose to concealed carry in order to protect their loved ones. This new training mentally and physically prepares the user to survive a deadly encounter and the aftermath that follows.

Grossman compares Americans who have decided to conceal and carry guns to sheepdogs; they are warriors who will protect others and survive. The Bulletproof Mind is intended for sheepdogs. Tim Schmidt, founder and president of USCCA, states that Lt. Col. Dave Grossman’s training, “…was a huge turning point for me as an armed citizen,” even after eight years as USCCA’s president, and as a result he was transformed into an effective and “fully prepared sheepdog.”

Some of the topics covered in “The Bulletproof Mind”:

  •     The magnitude of the threat to you and your family
  •     What it takes to stop multiple attackers
  •     The hidden truth about lethal combat
  •     How the body responds to a violent attack and what you can do to ensure your body responds the right way
  •     Important drills that will save lives
  •     How to prepare and protect your family from potentially violent attacks

The Bulletproof Mind was created from a demand from military and law enforcement. The missing component of their training was the mental preparation for combat. No matter what brand of weapon a gun owner chooses, this mental training helps them to protect their loved ones in the event of a violent attack. “We don’t really care what brand of hardware you have in your hand,” says Lt. Col. Grossman. “It is the software in your head and your heart that matters.”
For more information on this life-saving training, visit Citizens of the United States have the right to conceal and carry guns. Grossman adds, “Along with rights come responsibilities… You have the responsibility to be mentally and physically prepared to use it.”

About the Company:

United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) is devoted to armed citizens who have decided to conceal and carry guns. USCCA supports and educates its members with a print magazine, online membership site, private members-only concealed carry forum on the web and a nationally syndicated radio program, Armed American Radio. USCCA is 100% advertising-free, assuring members have access to completely unbiased gun, gear and course reviews.


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