Jeffrey Grupp Joins the Holistic Survival Show to Share Theories Behind Government Involvement in our Everyday Lives

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The author and college professor joins the popular podcast to discuss the role of corporate powers in education, media and government

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“Conspiracy theory is real. It’s the most empirical account of reality,” said Jeffrey Grupp.

Jeffrey Grupp, author of “Corporatism: The Secret Government of the New World Order,” joined the Holistic Survival Show to discuss the not-so-secret corporate powers that control every aspect of our lives. During episode 55, professor Jeffrey Grupp takes a look at the existential and empirical evidence that monopolistic mega-corporations control all basic resources and items that world citizens depend on for their daily survival.

According to professor Grupp’s research, corporations are behind every government and major control agency in the world, working behind the scenes, exercising their power with an intricately woven design for controlling the lives of every human being in the world, from the food we eat, to the medical care we receive, to the education of our children.

“Let me be frank: this is conspiracy theory we’re talking about,” said Grupp. “Big education, big churches and big media all tend to agree, sadly. That ought to tell you how off track those groups are today.”

Grupp expanded on this by discuss how world corporate powers have joined together to control the three main sources of information people have worldwide: education, media and government. “Every aspect of your life, all the resources you need to survive every day, are controlled by specific people who don’t do any of the work, but take all the profit in the world,” Grupp continued. “The resources you need in your life are not owned by you. Not superfluous resources, but food, clothing, air.”

The show’s guest described how students worldwide are controlled through what he calls “Fiat education”—a type of “because I said so” system that manipulates and controls students in America and around the world.

“From kindergarten through PhD, knowledge is never presented empirically. ‘Here’s a piece of information’ they say, ‘You’ll believe it because I said so.’ Therefore, it’s a non-education.” He believes that textbooks, educational media are all controlled by central corporate resources that choose how our children and college students will believe.

Grupp further explains how corporations manipulate the innocent through control of the media. “The mass media is about ten or fifteen companies that control every piece of information on the planet, from the labels on your shoe, to the billboards you see,” said Grupp.

Lastly, Grupp continued that the government presents the final—and most obvious—evidence that corporatism rules the world. “On nine out of ten days, Congress is discussing some monopolistic corporation. They aren’t discussing poverty or saving rainforests to provide more oxygen—congress is lobbied,” commented Grupp. He believes that Congress is completely at the bidding of interest groups that control every aspect of law, national and international.

“Conspiracy theory is real. It’s the most empirical account of reality,” said Grupp. “Everything we’ve been told about a random social world and unplanned politics is wrong.”

The host asked Jeffrey Grupp where the conspiracies that control our existence stop. Grupp replied, “I’ll tell you where it ends: it ends at the level of your soul. You’re created in the image of God. Nobody can touch that.”

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