Fitness Guru Provides Key Tips in Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

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Kristen Marxham, a fitness guru who has dedicated countless hours to training her clients, has recently released five tips to help people avoid the dreaded yet predictable gain of weight during the holiday season.

As people finish off their Thanksgiving leftovers and begin to put up Christmas trees and menorahs they may be thinking about the wonderful holiday season that they are celebrating. The crisp air and holiday music may signal that the season is in full swing, but so may expanding waistlines. Kristen Marxham, a fitness guru from San Francisco, California, has worked with her clients for the last ten years to help them fight off holiday weight gain. Now, she has shared her insight with the rest of the world.

"People often do not even realize that they are gaining weight until it has already become a problem and their clothes do not fit properly," commented Marxham. "Stepping on the scale or watching what they eat is not an everyday thing. Even for those who do keep a close eye on their diet, the holidays seem to offer a free pass for people to eat as much as they want."

Maybe the holidays are an excuse to binge on fatty foods and sweets, but these foods do not come without a price. Marxham reports that many people can gain up to ten pounds over the holiday season. Although this means booming business for fitness companies during January, it also means an unhealthy society. To help people stave off weight gain during the holidays, here are five tips from Marxham.


1. Use the scale once a week and address weight gain when it occurs by working out or adjusting food intake.

2. Keep a food journal. Writing down the foods that are consumed will make controlling one's eating habits easier.

3. Continue to exercise. If it gets too cold, invest in indoor equipment, such as a treadmill or elliptical, join a gym, or use a workout DVD.

4. Make time to relax. The holidays can be stressful, and stress can lead to weight gain.

5. Enjoy active family activities. Instead of watching a movie, try sledding, skiing, or going for a walk.

Marxham's tips have helped her clients fend off holiday weight gain before. She commented that, "The key to maintaining a healthy weight is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Just because it is the holiday season, this healthy lifestyle should not be dropped."


Kristen Maxham is a fitness guru in San Francisco, California, who has acted as a personal trainer and lifestyle coach for the last ten years.


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