Acclaimed Psychologist-Lawyer Combats Life Threatening Heart Virus By Sharing Uncommon Lessons Of An Iconic American Judge

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Internationally known Author, Dr. Mollie Marti is releasing what is being lauded as a timeless handbook for being human. “Not since ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ have I witnessed such an endearing love affair between a student of life and a masterful teacher,” raves Marci Shimoff, NY Times bestselling author of “Love for No Reason”.

“Judge lived by the principle that it is our service to humanity that defines the quality of life. We each have the right and responsibility to use all the gifts we’ve been given for the common good. This book highlights that we write our eulogy everyday

When Marti’s life deconstructed overnight from a cardiac virus, she temporarily lost her vision and her ability to walk and to speak. She found herself returning to the love and lessons of a man she came to know simply as “Judge” who she says was a master of rejuvenation.

As a young lawyer fresh out of law school, the newlywed from Iowa went to study by the side of Judge Max Rosenn, one of the most cited federal judges in American history. This iconic jurist, who went to work each day in a federal courthouse that carried his name, died in 2006 at the age of 96. In his thirty-five years on the bench, he mentored hundreds of young lawyers who today serve as deans of law schools, partners in influential law firms, and heads of multi-million dollar corporations and nonprofit organizations.

Marti’s path was to return home to Iowa after serving as Judge’s law clerk for three years. She added a doctorate degree in psychology from the University of Iowa, where she continues to teach as an adjunct professor. For the two decades since she first met Judge, his key lessons of service, stewardship and making a meaningful difference have been reflected in her work as a resiliency researcher and coach to high level performers, including Olympians and business leaders.

Completing this book after her illness has brought a new path of helping others live intentionally and maneuver the busyness of life. “I was working on a chapter about how Judge taught that leaders don’t lead because they want to be the top dog. Leading is about serving. True leaders step up when they see a need and know they’ve been gifted with experience, skills, and connections that can bring healing. While writing this, my small community in Iowa tragically lost three teens to suicide within six months. This book guided me to shift my focus from grieving as a family to looking at the needs of our devastated community and the relief that my work could bring. My decision was clear. I put out a call to other leaders asking who believed that not only could good come from these losses, but something good must.”

Marti continues her crisis recovery and resiliency work in her community, including developing mentorship programs, “As a society, we’ve gotten away from mentoring and from valuing the contributions youth can make in our communities. We need to create a cultural and environmental shift to embrace connection, engagement, and mentoring in all aspects of life.”
To support this work, Marti is founding the Community Resiliency Project, a nonprofit organization to support communities that have experienced a crisis and need help to get back up and grow through the challenges. A portion of profits from each book sale go directly to fund this charitable work.

Marti is grateful that her mentor continues to guide her in a very real way and that she is able to share his wisdom. “Judge lived by the principle that it is our service to humanity that defines the quality of life. We each have the right and responsibility to use all the gifts we’ve been given for the common good. This book highlights that we write our eulogy everyday with the choices that we make. We continue shaping our legacy until our final day. It is the choices we make in the little things, when no one is watching, that set our course.”

Early reviews are confirming that Marti is keeping Judge alive in a way that allows him to personally mentor readers. Bob Burg, international bestselling co-author of “The Go-Giver” writes, “While reading ‘Walking with Justice,’ you might discover – as I did – that you have found another mentor: Judge Rosenn himself. Fortunately for us, his protégé has done such a beautiful job of relating the lessons she learned from Judge that you’ll be able to determine your best course of action in any given situation by referring back to the book you hold in your hands. If you have any question regarding how to live a good, productive, and righteous life, the answer lies somewhere in these pages.”

While “Walking with Justice” is a tribute to Judge, Marti says that her mentor accomplished through this book what he did in life. “He was incredibly gracious and always found a way to reflect back gifts to the giver. I set out to write this book as a thank you to my life’s greatest mentor. In the end, it is his message of hope and goodness that is inspiring readers to live a purposeful life and make a more positive impact in the lives of others.”

“Walking with Justice,” published by Greenleaf Book Group Press, is available for preorder at and other book outlets. Inquiries may be directed to info(at)walkingwithjustice(dot)com or go to for more information.


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