Historian Pens Rare Historical Fiction Novel Bringing to Life Civil War Era History, West of the Mississippi River

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"Luck's Wild: A Civil War Story" is the historical novel G. Russell Peterman wanted to read, but couldn’t find.

Luck's Wild

Most people think of the Civil War as an eastern war, with maybe a passing mention of the Mississippi, New Orleans, or Vicksburg. . . So, I decided to write a story about the Civil War in the West.

G. Russell Peterman was searching for a historical literary novel set west of the Mississippi River during the American Civil War. Finding few options, this retired schoolteacher with a master’s degree in American History from Vanderbilt, and a bachelor’s in Education, decided to write it himself. "Luck’s Wild: A Civil War Story" is the fortunate result. An avowed history buff and veteran author, Peterman’s quest, beginning with long hours of research, produced a novel that testifies to his passion for and knowledge of this historical niche.

“Most people think of the Civil War as an eastern war, with maybe a passing mention of the Mississippi, New Orleans, or Vicksburg,” says Peterman. “Nearly all the books I have come across on the topic give it the same eastern treatment. So, I decided to write a story about the Civil War in the West” he adds.

"Luck’s Wild" features not only the time period of the Civil War itself, but provides a glimpse of the West before, during, and after the war—all west of the Mississippi, true to the author’s original intention.

Chronicling the life and journeys of Collin Dymond, a fictional young man from southwest Missouri, the novels opens after his mother has died, followed by a trip west with his father to the California gold rush. From there, Peterman brings to life both the adventure and common experience of life in the late 1850s to mid 1860s, as Dymond crosses multiple state lines, faces death and loss, finds love and marriage, joins the war, and attempts to move forward his life in early America. (Modern readers will find especially interesting the historical depictions of seeking a spouse, blending romance and pragmatism in a manner much different than our present age--which makes even “speed dating” appear like a lengthy courtship!).

“So many stories give only a short glimpse of a character in a week or month of time,” explains the author. “This book lets the reader look at eight years of the character’s life. That time before the war, during the war, and after the war provides the reader more historical context than a look at a short day, month, or year. This is a story, not just an incident.”

Nearly one hundred and fifty years after the American Civil War, the effects of the loss of life and limb of so many remain with us today. For example, many churches in America still retain elements of decidedly northern or southern identity. And of course, after freeing the slaves, segregation ultimately ended, civil rights struggles persisted, and continue even today, as evidenced by the existence of programs such as affirmative action. “Yet, much progress has been achieved,” recognizes the author, “Especially considering the country’s election of a President of African descent.”

G. Russell Peterman hopes that while entertaining readers with an engaging story, "Luck’s Wild" will foster a greater appreciation for the sacrifice of those who lived and died during the American Civil War. Having served three years in the U.S. Army and one year in the Missouri National Guard, Peterman appreciates that serving one’s country comes at a cost.

“In the wake of the Civil War, America had more unmarried women and widows than in any other time in our nation’s history,” states the author. “How often do we ponder the children never born because of that war?” he wonders.

"Luck's Wild: A Civil War Story" is published in e-book format by eBookIt.com, is currently available from online retailers including Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com, and Kobobooks.com. Author G. Russell Peterman is available for interviews.

About G. Russell Peterman
G. Russell Peterman has a master’s degree from Vanderbilt University in American History, and a bachelor’s of Education from Southwest Missouri State. After 30 years teaching in the classroom, Peterman retried, and enjoys life as a husband, father and grandfather. His first book, "i am cabbage", is a collection of poems. Peterman has also co-authored with his daughter four novels: "My Eyes are Red", "Afternoon Moon", "Tyro", and "Into the Void"; and three collections of short stories: "Marrying Tree Stories", "Crossing Niobrara", and "Woman’s Creek". "Luck’s Wild: A Civil War Story", is Peterman’s ninth work, and the first novel of which he is the sole author.

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