New Book Reveals Newt Gingrich’s Role in "Bush’s Iraq Murders"

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New book," Proof of Guilt: Bush’s Iraq Murders," shows by the evidence and simple logic, that Newt Gingrich exactly fits what Vincent Bugliosi describes as the criteria that matches the profile of the criminals involved in Bush’s Iraq murder of 4,450 American soldiers.

Proof of guilt

"I present evidence that proves, beyond reasonable doubt, that Bush is guilty of murder." Vincent Bugliosi, from his book "The Prosecution of George W Bush For Murder"

Vincent Bugliosi is the L.A. prosecutor who convicted Charles Manson and 30 of 30 other murderers. In his book "The Prosecution of George W Bush for Murder," he wrote, “I present evidence that proves, beyond reasonable doubt, that Bush is guilty of (the) murder (of 4,450 Americans soldiers).” He described the exact US murder laws Bush et al had broken, and why they were applicable to them. 'He also explained the exact legal criteria that matches the criminal profile for both fraud and murder in Iraq.' "Proof of Guilt" explains how "Newt Gingrich" meets that criteria.

Bugliosi also points out that the law views circumstantial evidence as having equal weight with direct evidence. One of those is called “showing a consciousness of guilt,” which includes all types of conduct and statements that the accused has made that demonstrate their criminal intent and evidence of their crime, such as the following for Newt Gingrich. Many murderers have been executed based upon circumstantial evidence. All one needs to do is substitute the word “logic” for “circumstance” to understand why.

"Proof of Guilt" details that the criminal facts and dots started in July 1996 when three American Neoconservatives (neocons) -- Richard Perle, Doug Feith, and David Wurmser -- complete an Iraq attack plan in Jerusalem for the state of Israel, and present it to Netanyahu. That plan, called 'Clean Break,' contained a deliberate phony criminal cover-up pretext for public consumption. "That pretext falsely said that Iraq was threatening to attack them using WMD, and therefor they must attack Iraq before Iraq attacks them – exactly the same thing Bush told us 5 years later." Israel declines the plan. In 1998 Clinton declines it as well. (from chapters 1 and 3).

The book examines Bush's campaign for president in 1999. According to Fults, Bush and the neocons seek each other out for mutual benefit: Bush wants the Presidency, and the neocons want to attack Iraq. Bush "adopts" Perle’s 'Clean Break' plan: complete with its phony pretext and the knowledge that no Iraqi WMD actually exist. Bush hires Perle as his foreign policy advisor. For the next 18 months Rice, Perle, and Cheney lead 7 other neocons in tutoring Bush in that plan policy. By international treaty any attack on another country that is not currently attacking it is a war crime, as is any planning for any such attack.

The book details that within three weeks after Bush takes office, he has hired all war crime advocating neocons into all top war policy positions, including: the chief war advocate Perle as Chair of the Pentagon Policy Board, his co-author Feith as Defense Under Sec. for Policy, and Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz as No 1 and No 2 in the Pentagon. Then 9/11 happens. On Sept. 17th, 2001 Bush ordered plans prepared for attacks on both Afghanistan and Iraq. On Sept. 20th, Bush told the press that al Qaeda alone had attacked us on 9/11. One week into October 2001, with no evidence offered, Bush begins his almost daily 17 month long tirade against Iraq for working with terrorists and attacking us on 9/11. Fults says Bush was then implementing the 'Clean Break' plan phony pretext.

"Proof of Guilt" notes that on Sept. 17, 2003, just 6 months after his attack, Bush 'confessed' to the press that ‘no evidence’ of any Iraqi involvement in 9/11 or al Qaeda ‘had ever existed’: most especially not before or during any of Bush’s Iraq accusations. In other words, he had been lying to the public for 17 months: the very worst kind of lie; the deliberate lie that started an unneeded war; one that killed over 800,000 innocent Iraqi civilians (mostly women and children) and 4,450 Americans, and wounded over 650,000 Americans for life.

"Proof of Guilt" shows that Perle packed his board with all neocons, including "Newt Gingrich" in mid-2002; just as Fults points out, Bush is ramping up his fear and fraud campaign for approval to attack Iraq. As part of that ramping up, Fults says, Bush creates two new fraudulent, phony pretext war propaganda offices: one in the Pentagon, called the Office of Special Plans (OSP), and one working out of Cheney’s office called White House Iraq Group (WHIG). Fults says OSP originates raw fraudulent lies about the need to attack Iraq, and WHIG polishes them up so those lies sound believable to the public; in the Gerson written speeches by Rice, Cheney, and Bush. Karl Rove and Karen Hughes are the co-Chairs of WHIG, working with Rice, Hadley, Card, Matlin, and Gerson et al. Feith and Bill Luti run OSP. Gingrich’s office is just below OSP’s in the Pentagon.

Army, Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowsi, a 20 year veteran mid-East expert is ordered to work in OSP from May 2002 until her retirement in Feb. 2003 – its most active period. She is a sub-rosa whistle blower on its criminal activities and personnel, including "Newt Gingrich." She is the author of Chapter 3 in "Proof of Guilt: Bush’s Iraq Murders." She wrote, “…the pro-war propaganda story lines about threats that both the OSP and WHIG invented were the same story lines told to the American people by Bush and Cheney in the fall of 2002’”…”The very phrases they used are blatantly false and not based on any intelligence – the Congress was misled, it was lied to. At a very minimum, that is a subversion of the constitution.”

"Proof of Guilt" cites George Tenet, Director of the CIA, who had originally reported, in 2001 to the entire intelligence community, that Chalabi was a self-promoter and a liar who could not be trusted. But he was then overridden by Bush, Cheney, and the other Pentagon neocons, says Fults. Ironically Tenet later, in the fall of 2002, used a large map prepared by Chalabi (after he was officially labeled a “Fabricator”), showing 500 very specific and detailed WMD hiding places within Iraq to the leaders of Congress. "He was very loyally helping Bush to falsely convince Congress that Iraq had WMD (both knew better)." Two months later, inspectors looked at every one of the 500 locations and did not find any such evidence. Consequently, Tenet had knowingly lied to Congress about a life or death critical issue. There are many other such criminal examples in the book, including the best and most creative CIA intelligence report of the war; proving no-Iraq-WMD. It was disappeared by Tenet, the day after its completion by the CIA’s Charlie Allen in mid-Sept. 2002, and kept hidden from Congress. (from chapter 2).

The book shows that Bush was operating two exclusively criminal fraud operations (OSP and WHIG), and one corrupt CIA; all in Bush’s fear and fraud campaign to attack Iraq. Kwiatkowski wrote that Feith and the other offices “rarely communicated with the CIA, leaving that to political heavyweights, including "Newt Gingrich," who is reported to have made several trips to the CIA headquarters. And, more importantly, to Lewis Scooter Libby... (Scooter was a member of the criminal WHIG operation, and the chief of staff for Cheney; the person coordinating Bush’s whole fraud campaign through Scooter).” Earlier, just before the start of their fear and fraud campaign, Cheney had stated, “We also have to work, though, sort of the dark side, if you will.”

Fults says Newt Gingrich was reporting directly to the neocon lead author of the original 'Clean Break' Iraq criminal attack plan, and its phony pretext, which Bush was then executing almost verbatim. Perle had written that attack and war promoting cover-up plan, was hired by Bush solely because of that fraudulent plan, and Perle was then directing Gingrich in its execution. The sole products produced by Perle’s Policy Board, OSP and WHIG were intentionally fraudulent public propaganda for Perle’s plan of an unjustified attack on Iraq: by law, criminal acts. Gingrich, by his actions, was an accomplice to Perle’s criminal cover-up activities: a prelude to Bush et al’s murders to be triggered by that attack -- the 'Clean Break' plan in action.

As shown by the above examples in the book, the head of the CIA was complicit in that plan’s phony pretext. "Why else was Gingrich ordered by Perle, the architect of the plan’s fraudulent phony pretext, to coordinate between the highest officials in those particular three fraud filled offices in that particular time period, besides Perle’s criminal phony pretext?" asks Fults. "It was the only business they had in common. A December 2011 article in Bloomberg Businessweek reports that today Gingrich has as a policy advisor David Wurmser -- the third author of 'Clean Break.' Connect the dots for yourself.”

Richard Fults, "Proof of Guilt: Bush’s Iraq Murders." Ex Air Force Intelligence.; book order links, more information, "The 5 Lies Told By Bush To Start A War," and YouTube slide show video links.


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